What’s That Smell?

Brimstone was one of those shows that was, for all intents and purposes, here one day and gone the next. At least, that’s how it seemed to me. Debuting in 1998, the series originally aired on the Fox Network on Friday night and immediately preceeded Millennium. It was dark and gritty, but not enough to scare the kiddies unless they were home schooled.

John Glover, who is known for playing twisted villains, starred as the devil and Peter Horton was deceased NYPD detective, Zeke Stone. Stone was serving his time in Hell for murdering his wife’s rapist fifteen years before when he was recruited to be Satan’s hunting dog. Horton, as viewers may recall, previously starred in the 1987 series, Thirty Something, but as much as I despised that particular show, I won’t hold it against him.

The storyline featured the devil having made a deal with Stone to hunt down and bring back 113 demons that had escaped from Hell because, as he explained, he was “powerless” on Earth to bring them back himself. This limitation did not, however, seem to restrict The Dark One from teleporting to and from Hell, and, otherwise generally working to hamstring Stone at every opportunity.

Once Stone located an escapee, he then had to put out the demon’s eyes in order to send him back to Hell. I always thought that had the writers devised new and innovative ways for Stone to blind the demons in each episode that this would have worked as a kind of gimmick. But then that’s what Stone’s tats were for, I’m guessing. Cool idea, but needed more follow through.

Bottom line, I really liked the show and found the content refreshing, but alas, the show was not to be because the network canceled after the first season. At least the series was around long enough for audiences to enjoy thirteen episodes. Although it appears in rerun occasionally on SyFy and Chiller, that still doesn’t make me any less embittered. But as Shakespeare counsels, all good things must come to an end.

Tell it to the Marines, Wills.

Six years later, Constantine, however, did help to satisfy my craving for netherworld content; Not by much, but better than nothing, I suppose. Given these uncertain times and impending doom, I’m surprised television networks aren’t capitalizing on the 2012 phenomenon the way they did on the so called “end of days” preceeding the year 2000. Instead, television programming remains as banal and inane as ever, and Hollywood plans to crank out a million and one ways to bore us on the big screen with apocalyptic visions of John Cusack driving his car over gridlocked freeway overpasses that are falling away.

Ha. Those of us who live in California can get that any day of the week just driving to work.

Yawn. Pass. I’d prefer a second season of Brimstone, instead. At this point, even Millennium would work. Or how about a third season of Dead Like Me, the series that was canceled at its peak popularity by the corporate wizards at Showtime. How’s Nurse Jackie been workin’ out for ya – Carmela Soprano now has a job as an ER nurse and the show is billed as a “dark” comedy with a “flawed” protagonist? Gimme a break. We’ve seen this one before. It’s called House and we can tune in every Monday night without having to pay the premium channel price tag.

Move to return Edie Falco the to Carmela character, and, a seventh installment of The Sopranos. All those in favor, say “aye.”

I would actually even consider paying for a premium channel again if the show was returned to its former glory days on HBO.

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