Caller ID Blues

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Is it just me or does it drive you as batshit crazy when someone rings your line with a blocked number, gets the voicemail, but doesn’t bother to leave a message?

I have a policy – I don’t take live calls from blocked numbers. Period.

The only exemption is if I know in advance that you have a blocked number and that you’ll be ringing the phone. Case in point: I have a friend with a private number and when the caller ID displays “private,” I know it’s usually a legit call. There is the occasional exception, but all these other chuckleheads who call up with “unavailable” displayed on the phone’s L.E.D.? Fahgetaboutit.

The reason I have an unpublished number and caller ID is so that I can avoid the likes of undesirable sales types phoning to waste my time, and, “unavailable” is inevitably what they ring up as. Ironic, isn’t it? They don’t want to reveal their ID, but yet assume their recipients will take the call because why?

Note to all the folks out there with the “unavailable” numbers – I’m probably not the only person on the planet who doesn’t answer blocked numbers, so, no dice, pal. Either unblock your number OR at the very least, if the option exists, then speak your name when the automaton prompts you to ID yourself. If you’re not willing to do either, then I guess what you’re calling about isn’t all that important.


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