Popular Culture Fetishisms 101


Over the holiday, I became aware of a few new practices that have apparently become sufficiently ubiquitous for the producers of the CSI crime dramas to have included them as storylines.

The first proclivity is called “furries,” and, while the Urban Dictionary currently includes several similar definitions, the word used as a noun means fans of anthropomorphic animals. Examples include Jar-Jar Binks, the car insurance lizard, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Dictionary then goes on to further describe the word. Used as a verb, “furries” means people who like to dress up as anthropomorphic animals and have sex with each other. That’s a new one on me, but hey, provided the activity occurs between consenting adults, whatever floats yer bobber, I suppose. Who am I to villanize the furverts of the world?


The Dictionary has a few different definitions of sloshing, but essentially it means the act of having sex with your favorite foods. I think we’ve seen an earlier version of this one before back in the 80s.

The act itself was more of a unilateral than bilateral event. After all, the only one we saw being massaged with honey and other miscellaneous sweets was Kim Basinger. We never saw Kim’s character in the movie treat Mickey Rourke to a habanero in any of his orifices. Mickey did all of the doing there was to be done.

I am reminded, specifically, of a particular segment from the film that I have not been able to find on the web, otherwise, would have included for your enjoyment. It was the one scene that basically sold the movie to audiences and involved a scarf, an ice cube, and a naked boob. During the years following the movie, we were treated to various images of the famous ice cube shot in everything from adverts for booze up to and including a mini-segment on The Sopranos between Meadow and her boyfriend Finn. (Season 5, episode 8, for anyone who wants to see it.)

I don’t really have much of an opinion for or against either predilection, but I do, however, think that the latter is a lot more fun than the former. Maybe it’s because when I was growing up, there was a lot less anthropomorphic animal images available than there was for the current crop of twenty-something furries practitioners.

Gen Xers like myself had the old Loony Toons Bugs Bunny cartoons, and, a handful of other notables, however, absolutely none of them were considered, nor meant to be sexy. That meant a lot less animated material available for spanking the monkey. And by the time softcore, animated quasi-porn came along such as the Thunder Cats, I was already in HS and far advanced from the informative years the Echo Boomers were just commencing.

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3 Responses to Popular Culture Fetishisms 101

  1. Rachel says:

    there was one episode of bugs bunny in which Bugs, I think, dressed as a woman who was very well endowed and I remember thinking then, that THAT was just scandalous.

    Was there a reason you left the name of the 80’s movie out of the blog?

  2. Hello, Rachel. There is a link to the movie in question in the third paragraph under the sloshing section.

  3. […] It’s a Weird, Weird Web I’ve always been too repulsed to see it, but when the story hit the web, I thought the two girls, one cup video was bizarre, but lo, turns out, it’s not. Neither is dressing up as your favorite anthropomorphic animal and/or having sex with your favorite food. […]

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