Excuse Me Waiter?

Mission Viejo, CA resident, Phil Hodousek, was surprised to find a condom in his mouth one, sunny Sunday during brunch at Claim Jumper with his family.

In a complaint filed with the Orange County Superior Court, Mr. Hodousek says he ordered a bowl of french onion soup as an appetizer and shortly after he began eating it, thought he felt a piece of cheese on the side of his mouth. When he couldn’t chew it into pieces, he spit the cheese into a napkin, and, upon closer inspection, realized it was a condom.

Upon having been notified of the incident, Claim Jumper management told him that the item was a rubber glove used by the kitchen prep crew, but Hodousek says it was clearly a condom.

Hodousek has since had the condom tested by a lab and the results have revealed the presence of female DNA.

According to the court docket, a Case Management Conference has been set for January 4, 2010.

Good luck to Mr. Hodousek with his lawsuit.

It will be a frosty day in Hell before I ever eat another meal at a Claim Jumper restaurant.


One Response to Excuse Me Waiter?

  1. […] to remain in business, that is.  Without health codes, there would probably be a French Onion condom soup case in the news […]

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