Resolution Reflections

I don’t usually bother with New Year resolutions because I don’t need a grandiose event to resolve to change something in my life.  However, if I am pressed to provide one in order to fit in with the rest of Facebook society, then my resolution is to stop listening to and reading any economic forecasting predicted for the upcoming year.

The Magic 8-ball has a better chance of predicting the economic future of the United States than any so called experts.  All we really know for sure is that anyone who has to work for a living (and who isn’t in the banking or automotive industry) is deeply, desperately (and probably irrevocably) fucked for at least the next decade due to the greedheads who caused the current recession.

That some of the banksters have paid back a piddly fraction of the Great Taxpayer Bailout of 2008 monies is irrelevant because the damage is done.   State and national unemployment levels remain in the double digits and will probably stay that way since the entire American economy has been a house of cards built on consumer debt for as long as I’ve been alive.

We no longer manufacture anything (except shitty gas guzzlers); Big Bu$ine$$ remains firmly in control of the federal government, and salaries on Main Street haven’t kept pace with cost of living and inflation for the past forty years.  Meanwhile, Obama gets a version of the healthcare bill on the Congre$$ional table,  and, true to SOP for the overpaid clusterfuck known as Congress,  it is nothing but a giant, steaming pile.   BTW, Congress is the only other government entity that makes the California State Legislature look productive and functional.

Included in a bill filled with numerous negatives guaranteed to FUBAR the situation even worse than it already is, the only positive is the inclusion of preexisting conditions.    It would seem to me that if the Congressional aristocracy truly wanted to “fix” the healthcare debacle in this country they would have either put laws in place to return healthcare to the pre-Nixon Administration days of being about people instead of profits, or, in the alternative, simply included every single citizen on its own 24k gold plated bennies plan.  The billions already spent bailing out Obama’s Wall Street buddies -not to be confused with the Deciderer’s buddies- could have easily covered every man, woman and child in the U.S.

But then what am I saying here – This is America.  Unless the recipient is a member of Congress, healthcare isn’t about covering anyone’s health needs;  It’s about providing services to whomever can afford it,  bitches loud and long enough to get it, or, who falls into a politically expedient category.   Everyone else can suck it, Trebek.

Healthcare recipients seem to fall into four main categories:

  1. Those whose employer sponsored  health insurance has never been put to the test as with a catastrophic illness are happy, along with the providers,  to keep the status quo;
  2. Retired and enjoying taxpayer subsidized services via Medicare;
  3. Downtrodden and enjoying taxpayer subsidized services via Medicaid;
  4. Everyone else.

With these kind of stats, the new national motto should be:  The United States:  Better healthcare than Somalia!

The late, great George Carlin used to say that the delusion we’re all brainwashed to believe by the plantation owners from cradle to grave is called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.


One Response to Resolution Reflections

  1. Henry.P.Smith says:

    It’s awesome to see this website is finally getting the attention that it deserves. Keep up the great work.

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