District 9

District 9 is a movie from New Zealand that takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Prawn-like aliens have inexplicably marooned their spacecraft above the city, not moving or making contact with human civilization.  Eventually the MNU drills a hole through the hull and finds a very large population of half-starving extraterrestrials.  The ETs are then transported to the ground, and for the next twenty years, they are housed and fed in shanty shelters and live in squalid conditions in an area of the city designated as District 9.

The film is presented in a streaming newsfeed manner and is a cross between CNN and The Onion. I must admit that I didn’t think much of it into the first twenty minutes, but as it progressed, it became more interesting.

Wikus Van De Merwe is a bumbling government contractor bobblehead assigned to leading a taskforce to relocate the “prawns” from District 9 to an area two hundred some odd kilometers outside the city because the human population isn’t getting along very well with the aliens, and, the city is in a state of civil unrest.

Prawn civil rights are non-existent and they are prohibited from riding on human buses, enjoying human public areas, and just about anything else you can think of.   In fact, the role of the aliens could have easily been subbed out and replaced by black Johannesburg residents from back in the day when the whites ruled South Africa.

As fate would have it, Wikus turns out to be a kind of kindred spirit who is ultimately involuntarily metamorphized into a prawn himself and helps a few of them escape back to the mothership.

The conclusion is poignant and and leaves room for a sequel.  I give it a 4 out of a 5 star scale.

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One Response to District 9

  1. Rachel says:

    we enjoyed this one. i am with you on the first part, but the story and the end was good!

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