When It Snows in the South

Written by guest blogger Rachel Davis

Photo by Dana McCall (Used with permission.)

I am a relocated yank,  residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, which I don’t count as being “southern.”  I mean, the state has the word, north, in the title, after all. There are many of us relocated northerners here.  In fact, there are four people with whom I haven’t spoken with in twenty years, but graduated with from high school, and now live close by once again.  Small world!

It snowed last night. The news coverage was/is ridiculous. Starting last weekend, the “meteorologists” starting tracking this winter storm coming our way. And the build up and speculation throughout the week had the communities around the state gearing up for the Storm of the Decade. I went to do my weekly grocery shopping last night when I got home from work only to find that all the fixins’  for French Toast were gone from the shelves.

Why do southerners want to make so much French Toast when it snows?  I don’t get it!

Batteries were in short supply, as were diapers, flashlights and candles. I was starting to think, “Wow, if everyone is this panicked about the snow, maybe they know something I don’t.”   So I  stocked up on my own French Toast supplies and headed for home where I dug out my candles and matches and wished for the second time since I have been here that the husband would buy a generator for when the power goes out.  (These are important to have, especially when a hurricane comes through… oh wait… in the last ten years, a hurricane HASN’T come through here, has it??)

Anyway, we decided that if we were going to be snowed in, then we’d go to dinner and get out before we couldn’t move for days, weeks, maybe even months. We weren’t the only ones to think to do this, BTW.  It actually started to snow while we were out. Uh oh! The storm was four hours early.  I know this because it is the only story that the news was talking about – pin-pointing when the snow would actually get here.  And they were wrong. Again.  Argh.

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up to all of three inches of snow, and yes, it is still sleeting away.  Any and all of the usual TV shows that I might watch are being preempted by the news – IT SNOWED!!

Some places actually got five inches. The city is shut down and will remain that way until it melts.  See, every year, it snows once, usually here.  And the cities haven’t figured out a way to get snow plows and salt trucks out on the roadways so that life can go on with this crazy, white stuff falling from the sky.  Thankfully, though, I will have my French Toast!

©2010 Rachel Davis All Rights Reserved


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