Driving in the South After it Snows

Written by guest blogger Rachel Davis

In case you missed my last post, I am a relocated yank, living in North Carolina.

Being from Michigan, the Great Lake State, or my favorite, the Wolverine State, I had to learn how to drive in the snow.   Literally, my dad took me out and made me drive in it, because driver’s education class was conducted during the summer.  I was taught how to pump breaks, turn into your skid, not to tailgate, keep to the side roads and when I DO get stuck, not to rock the car back and forth unless I want my transmission to die earlier than the usual life expectancy of an automobile.

I remember these lessons. I am a safe driver, in any weather. But there are these folks, say, from New York, maybe, who didn’t drive in the snow when they lived there, and who are now out on the roads today, in their 4-wheel drive SUVs, flying down the roads, tailgating and swerving all over the snow-covered roadways because they are, “from the north and grew up with this kind of weather all their lives.”

These folks actually believe that they can drive safely in this snow simply because they came from the northern states where it snows for four months out of the year. Some of these people are probably the same people who had to walk to school in snow like this, both ways, up hill, in their leather moccasins, and, liked it! But they didn’t DRIVE in that snow, up hill, in their moccasins…They WALKED!

We woke this morning to the news of the century – It snowed in North Carolina last night. It is freakin’cold and be careful when driving, because it is slippery…. Oh yeah, and there have been 180 accidents reported this morning since 6a.m. The News forgot to plead with the public asking all of the assholes out there from the north to stay off of the roads because they couldn’t drive on their home streets to begin with, and, they certainly can’t drive down here where the roads are not yet plowed.

My southern-born husband and I are going to enjoy a forced day of relaxation eating foods that are bad for us, and, watching movies. MAYBE we’ll venture out to the Canes’ hockey game we have tickets for this evening, and maybe not. In either case, we will be free from having to deal with SUV owners who haven’t quite mastered being able to drive in the snow.

©2010 Rachel Davis All Rights Reserved


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