Crazy California’s Everything Must Go Sale!

Are you in need of a few passenger school buses?  How about an industrial sized fryer?  Couple dozen computers?  You can find it all at Crazy California’s Everything Must Go Fire Sale!

Having over-leveraged itself in public pension monies, and, just generally pissing away revenue without regard for the future, the State, including the City of San Diego, must now sell off everything from its law enforcement equine and canine forces to public school supplies and everything in between.

As long as you are willing to travel to the west coast to pick up your property, you can start Internet bidding on San Diego property here.


The city is still considering its Spanos family billionaire bailout program and hopes to build the Bolts a brand new stadium on the taxpayer dime!

Fun Factoid:

I borrowed the “crazy” part from the  infamous Crazy Eddie commercials.

Crazy Eddie sold consumer electronics in the New York – Jersey – PA area and the retailer’s commercials were everywhere on the TV back in the 80s in the Tri-State region.

Jerry Carroll was the well known face of the franchise, but he was just the actor in the commercials.


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