For Love Or Money

Written by guest blogger Christine Cuntois

I am the owner of Gentle Paws Pet Care and Vice-President of a soon to be nonprofit organization called Against Cruelty. In my years of experience with animal care and rescue work, I have dealt with many veterinarians both good and bad alike, but I always asked the age old question…Are they in it for the money or because they love what they do?

Imagine for an instant that you have a newborn kitten and a toddler playing together. Within a moment, a mere blink of the eye, a tragic accident happens when your toddler tips over a heavy object right onto the head of the unsuspecting kitten. You find yourself rushing the kitten to an emergency center. Upon arrival at this center the vet and technicians work swiftly to stabilize your tiny baby. As you watch the small figure tremble from a seizure the technician comforts you and your crying toddler.

After some time passes they tell you that they need to keep the kitten overnight to observe and stabilize his condition. With assurance that he is in good hands you leave with the knowledge they will call with any changes in his condition. Over the next few days this wonderful group of people watch over him calling you three times a day with updates. Finally you get to bring him home with specific instructions on how to care for your fragile bundle.

By the end of his first week home you start to notice signs of distress, immediately you call your local vet and make an appointment. While the vet examines him you tell the vet everything that has occurred including his emergency visit. During this time the vet does not acknowledge any of your information but proceeds to tell you your kitten has ear mites. When he finishes the examination he informs you that the cause of seizure is the ear mites causing an imbalance and then leaves the room. As you pay for the visit you feel shocked and at a loss.

These two vets proved to be completely different, both in care of the animal and treatment of the family. So when you are looking for a good vet and find you are asking “Is this vet in it for the money or will they love treating my pet?”

Here are some guidelines to help you find the answer to that question:

  1. Price does not determine how good or how bad the service may be
  2. Neither does local
  3. Do NOT be afraid to ask for a meeting before you bring in your pet
  4. Do NOT be afraid to ask to observe them with another patient
  5. All states have an Official Website with a tab and/or number you can check and verify information on a vet
  6. Ask questions, and lots of them:

Do you offer emergency care?

Do you accept pet insurance?

What food brands and guidelines do you offer for animals with health problems?

How do you handle a frightened animal that may turn aggressive?

Why did you choose this field?

How long have you practiced?

What are your thoughts and feelings on all of the vaccinations on today’s market?

Every family deserves to have the best care for their family member and armed with the right kind of information we can all find the vet that loves what they do.

©2010 Christine Comtois All Rights Reserved


2 Responses to For Love Or Money

  1. LGOMEZ says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of the above. We love our vet’s office b/c you can tell all of the people who work there really love animals. They actually remember not only who we are but our dog, including his name and his health issues. Asking questions definitely helps in choosing a vet!!

  2. Annette Gani says:

    Just killing some time on Stumbleupon and I found your article . Not typically what I like to learn about, but it was certainly worth my time. Thanks.

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