Unclaimed Property in California

February 9, 2010

Have lost your job due to the fraudulent shenanigans perpetrated by Goldman Sachs, et al.?

Have you lost your home that was appraised at the half million mark and is now worth less than dog shit?

Have you exhausted your unemployment insurance?

Are you now living out on the street because your government doesn’t give a damn about Main Street nearly as much as it loves to fellate Wall Street bankers and shitty American car manufacturers?

You could be one of the millions of Californians owed money by the State because your crazy ass Uncle Louie did not bother to leave a will, and, as a result, left the contents of his safe deposit box unclaimed.

The State of California is currently in possession of more than $5.7 billion in Unclaimed Property belonging to approximately 11.6 million individuals and organizations.

If you are a resident of the Golden State, don’t rob 14 banks in south county because your UI has expired and you need to feed your family.  Check out the State Controller’s Office Unclaimed Property Division, instead.


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