How Veddy Douche of You

The following is a true story.

A couple months ago, as I was considering writing what ultimately transformed into the MySpace Privacy Case article, I went searching online for cyberbullying resources and found what appeared to me at the time to be a very good source of information.

I had no way of knowing how non compos mentis the owner was, and, so sent an email for permission to link to the site.   A few days later, an abrupt response was forthcoming to the effect of having to decide as to whether my material was “relevant” or “useful.”  No mention, however, as to whether I had the green light to link to the site.

Since I found the response rather infantile – I blew it off without any further thought, and, wrote my piece.  Turns out, I didn’t need to link to it because my material was more germane to the subject matter.

Flash forward to mid-January, and, there was an email from Miss Chatelaine having a little girl hissy fit because I didn’t link to his site.

(Screen cap below of the email in question.)

I honestly didn’t know what to make of this email simply because all that was originally sought was an OK to link, which was not provided, but yet here was the twit telling me that I  “scammed”  him and he now expects an apology.

Huh?  Did I miss something?

As a blogger, I have emailed numerous website owners for permission to link to their sites.  It is SOP for me.  But until this experience, hadn’t ever received a reply telling me that I was “scamming” and needing to apologize for it. 

It is difficult not to heap scorn on people like Andrew who have their heads lodged so far up their own large intestine that they actually think they’re pioneers of innovation, but I was able to resist and instead replied that the hyperlinking permission I previously wanted was not now needed, thanks anyway.

The more pronounced demonstration of follow-up douchebaggery referenced below is what provided the incentive to detail it here:

I will ask the audience to decide as to what level psychotic, clueless, b00b Andrew is, particularly since he was referring to a post by a guest blogger who wrote her article specifically for my site.

Best to stick to what you know, Andy.  Considering your occupation for the government health agency that employs you,  it appears that your special talent is nailing chocolate starfish with your fist.  Don’t take this personally, Andy, but please don’t give up your full-time day job in favor of becoming a scam spotter.  There is no future in that for you.



PS:   I do hope that you will return to taking your thorazine and getting the psychological help you so clearly need.  Once you go back on your meds, batshit crazy doesn’t have quite the stigma attached to it anymore as it once did.


17 Responses to How Veddy Douche of You

  1. Rachel says:

    My guess is that this Andrew is some 15 yr old boy who is making up whatever it is that he things is important. No one in their right mind would spend that much time asking the question, “Why did you ignore my friend request”. I thought he was a blogger, not a person from facebook.

  2. WonderWTF says:

    This Andrew guy is a total psycho. His website is a whole bunch of projection. He bullied this guy who sought advice from him and I hear he’s bullied practically everyone that ever found his stuff and fell into the trap of thinking he was a sympathetic listener. He’s everything he’s got up on his own site. He’s definitely a liar. That guy who came to him for help, was bullied beyond reason. I hear that wasn’t the only person he’s done this too.

    • Prattle On, Boyo says:

      Considering this latest comment from “WonderWTF” on April 29th, clearly, Mr. Heenen is still very much in business and continuing to perpetrate random acts of douchebaggery on unsuspecting ppl. The best way to resolve this issue is to avoid having any contact whatsoever with him.

      Be advised that if he persists in contacting you after you have asked him to stop, report him to the abuse department of his ISP which you can research from the IP address found in the headers of any email he may send.

      • Anon says:

        And to top it off, he’s the one publishing unsubstantial gossip on the internet. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If his website just concentrated on what other legitimate sites focused on without the personal attacks against people that we have no way of hearing their side (that will hopefully be remedied) then he’d not come off as a bitter old drunk who spends his time trolling other people’s forums and using his to launch attacks against anyone who disagrees with him.

  3. Northern Lady says:

    He is best avoided. His two forums are inactive because his game is to control people and mock them. I told my friend that when new members came in he would create a sockpuppet account and intimidate people like that because he knew they were seeking help and he’d use that against them. He also banned people for no reason and wondered why he doesn’t get any activity. When he began posting vicious attacks against a lady there, the staff warned him and that’s their standard op. He whined of course and is hissy fit and never will forgive them, oh well they’ll live. Jesus he’s such a naggy rag. The staff located the email of the member and when my friend wrote to her she said she never joined his new forum and now we know he used sockpuppet accounts to try to intimidate people. We are all giving the other people he trashed the benefit of the doubt. Namely Zeppo and Spiro.

  4. WonderWTF says:

    Here you can see how he lures people in, then moves in for the attack:

    Be aware that his whole forum is really about his desire to talk about all his “stalkers” and even posts lie after lie about what he refers to as his “recent stalker” and it’s like this guy just invents them out of his ass. Andrew Heenan is the real cyber bully stalker and some on a support staff of another service even confirmed he uses sockpuppets. So most of that you’re seeing is no doubt him talking to himself.

    Also I know the lady he harassed. He has twisted everything around. That girl does have a stalker who is still stalking her, but Heenan wants to use that fear against the victim. She already had a stalker and the last thing she needed was another blood-sucker. She even tried to explain that her profile was messed with and he just acted like it was nothing then started a CAMPAIGN against her. BTW she only posted in ONE forum about him and she was there looooong before he showed up to harass her there. The staff at that forum confirmed it was him to her and she does have all that info saved.

  5. Anon says:

    Andrew Heenan has been demanding apologies from Netizens since 2002!

  6. Anon says:

    His half-cocked story on his 1 page also contradicts itself and makes no sense. First he says he allowed someone back on to tidy up posts, then says the person asked *him* to tidy up posts wtf? Well which is it? He’s obviously not keeping his lies straight enough that all anyone would be reading that is confused. Either he did it or he’s lying about it and hiding something. If someone did accuse someone of stalking whether it’s true or not, the kind of forum he runs breeds that kind of uncertainty especially if someone was actually stalked to his forum to begin with. It seems you can’t get a word in edgewise with Andrew Heenan and he’ll strike out at you and try to do some damage.

  7. Hey I came across this blog and I am so grateful that other people see what a TROLL and stalker he really is! While I have had some experience with this idiot before myself, I could not see hwo someone who was supposed to be against trolls and stalkers actually turned out to BE ONE!

    I’m sure he’s convinced himself that he’s God’s gift to humankind but do we really know what he’s all about?

    His trolling and stalkerish behaviour is well known in some circles. I did speak to several people who’ve got caught in his trap. He will claim that “others have sent him info on his targets” which is nonsense and designed to inflict further damage to his victims. It’s a ploy to make someone (usually female) feel afraid. I am a friend of this Wonderwoman he talked about a couple years back.

    He also cannot keep his story consistant. He also breaks many of his own “rules”.


    The first one to lose his temper; loses. Here in your blog you find a very fine example of that! But that is how he’s dealt with people from since I’ve heard of him! Andrew Heenan loses his temper quite easily and accuses people of wrong-doing so much that he must be some old bitter wretched man who just hates people.

    Another thing he loves to do is lord over people and MAKE them feel as if THEY’VE done something wrong and everything about him comes with a price. He also has a real problem with anyone he has decided is a troll and/or stalker, should be silenced and should not have free speech.

    His flaming of people who’ve mistaken him for a geniune guy, is quite boring and his go-to lines are always the same; he’ll call you a troll or a stalker so easily that he must chant those words like a mantra everyday.

    He also has no desire to protect his reputation because he’s been laughed out of, banned and run off so many other sites for abusive behaviour that anyone with a whit of sense can tell his whole purpose is that of his ego.

    Thank you for this blog, Peyton.

    • Thx to everyone who has found and replied to this article. The individual in question is clearly mentally ill. The really frightening thing is that he self IDs as a nurse. If that is true, then the authorities in his country should be alerted and his license (if he has one) should be revoked. In the meantime, if any others have had a run-in with Andrew Heenan, then he should be simply avoided. Trolls subsist on attention. Don’t play his game by responding. He should be blocked by both email and IP address, and reported to the abuse department of his Internet Service Provider accordingly.

  8. Anon says:

    I thought about making a page about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica after he tried accusing someone I know from a SEO forum of being some unknown derp somewhere, but I didn’t know what ED would allow.

    Basically this woman I know was accused of being this other guy who was bragging about hacking someone. We just firgured it was Andrew under another one of his aliases. His reasons for accusing this lady was as ridiculous as his goofy (albeit scary) looking face.

    1 that she didn’t use her google+ all that much (OH the HORRORS)
    2 that she called the forum the way some other mods called it in short so his knowledge of that detail was his own faux-pas, not hers
    and 3 that she apparently wrote just like the guy he was accusing her of being!

    For fuckssakes he himself was writing to her about the guy, so how the hell was she going to compare anything?

    His websites are also cluttered and boring as shit. I think he probably lives off social assistance. No way he’s got a steady income with all the shit I’ve seen flying from him. He once claimed he’d be a billionaire. Well, dipshit, where’s your big success?

  9. AnonyMouse says:

    Heenan has a long history of bullying people and one of his GO-TO accusations is to call someone a stalker. He actually stalked people to other forums and when they called him out on that, he complained LOUDLY that he was called a stalker when in fact he was the one calling others “stalker” before they even realized he was stalking them. Then he turns it around on them and makes THEM out to be the bad guy who shouted “stalker” first when it can proven that he was the one who started the shit to begin with.

    People do save emails and screenshots and I hope the site against him will show in painful yet mocking him, how everything he’s always said about trolls and stalkers and bullies is actually HIS very rule book he lives by. Like a serial killer loves to take pictures of his handy-work, Heenan gives us full details of his psychotic personality on his own site.

  10. By Way Of Google Search says:

    With the likes of Andrew Heenan, and it’s beginning to look like he is using an alias, he makes his targets and then harasses them for the opportunity to harass them in his public way.

    It’s not personal, it’s serial. He has a whole list of people he has cyberbullied and stalked. And people who know him in real life would probably say the same thing about his bullying offline.

    It is most likely that this Heenan douchebag behind the act doesn’t even know you. Instead he has a preset collection of messages and responses and looks for people online that have posted something related to the subject he has created responses for.

    And on his OWN site, he shows his narcissist side. He is also very anti-women.

  11. Hello Prattle Readers:

    If you found this blog by way of looking for information on Andrew Heenan of the UK, then you are in the right place. I have written a followup piece to this article that will serve as a public service announcement to AVOID any contact with Mr. Heenan as he is apparently a cyberstalker himself. See also my latest info on Heenan found here >>

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