Fun with Substitute Tax Return Forms

By midnight, 15 April of each year, Americans must have filed their personal state and federal taxes.  Normally, this is accomplished by your employer having given you your annual W-2 wage report.  But let’s say that your previous employer was a deadbeat douche and didn’t bother to provide you with the required report.   How then are you supposed to file the requisite taxes on your earnings?

After all, we wouldn’t want the poor, mega-billion dollar corporations such as Goldman Sachs, et al. to have to shoulder the tremendous patriotic duty of paying for 2 wars, subsidizing Big Pharma, and bailing out banks supporting the federal government alone, would we?  Of course not.

One day, in a land and time far, far, away,  you and I will both be billionaires, just like the television says so, and, then we will be able to afford tax lawyers to set up trusts in order to exploit loopholes in the tax code but in the meantime, we’re stuck being little people and have to report every nickel of our income instead of sheltering it offshore in the Caymans.  In fact, the federal government has a special message just for all us taxpayers.

The IRS has Form 4852 for those whose employers did not provide a W-2 wage report, and, the State of California has Form 3525 available.  Check with your own state government website for the appropriate tax forms.


Good news for residents of the Golden State, you may be one of the millions who qualifies to use Calfile, the California Franchise Tax Board’s free and direct e-file.   Check out who qualifies here.


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