He Ain’t Heavy, He’s The Heavy

The Heavy, pictured here, is a four-man, indie rock band from Noid, England whose current hit single –How You Like Me Now– you may have heard on either the Letterman Show and/or the Kia Sorento commercial.

Fronted by Seal-esque looking vocalist, Kelvin Swaby, the band’s musical style is heavily infused with scratchy, staccato bluesy/funk riffs and chords reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield.

Their Great Vengeance and Furious Fire CD, released in 2007, featured, among others, two hit singles you’d swear you’d heard somewhere before.  That’s because you have.

Set Me Free is built on the Stones, Honky Tonk Woman beat, while the other hit, That Kind of Man, you’d swear the band was channeling Sly and The Family Stone’s Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself.

The latest CD entitled, The House That Dirt Built, (2009) is chock full of past masters goodliness.   Track 11, Stuck, sounds like the Stones, Wild Horses, while Track 10 has echoes of The Doors’, Five to One, and Track 7 sounds pretty much like the boys listened to Floyd’s Money and then wrote a tune based on the melody.  But that is not to say that this music is not a fine, finished, very enjoyable product.  To the contrary – I highly recommend both of these albums if you’re searching for something to satisfy your I -think-I’ve-heard-this-somewhere-before-just-by-a-different-band craving.

Letterman Appearance

Kia Commercial

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