NHL Fans Rejoice

The playoffs have arrived.  Behold the quarterfinal schedule.   The majority of games during the week will be found on Versus, but check your cable listings and also this weekend on NBC.  This week promises to be a full schedule with teams from both the Eastern and Western conferences playing each night.  If you haven’t watched hockey before, then the playoffs are an outstanding time to check out the action.

FACT:   The NHL regular season is 6 months long.

FACT:   30 NHL teams play 82 games per season.

FACT:  Fans get the most bang for the buck out of the NHL because it is the fastest game on two feet with the least amount of commercials.  An NFL game with 10 minutes left can take up to 2 hours to watch because of all of the pissing around and the commercial breaks vs. a 60 minute NHL game with two 10 minute breaks between 3 periods that plays out in just under 2 hours even with OT and the shootout.

Stop watching pro sports played by out of shape, over-coddled, overpaid, wife beating, drug addicted, animal torturing, crybaby, prima donnas and  start watching a REAL game played by REAL professionals.

NHL:  Accept no substitute.


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