How Am I Doin’

Prattle Monthly Readership

Prattle was created on 17 November 2009 and traffic has increased each month since.  Compared to others whose readership numbers in the thousands, or hundreds of thousands, traffic to my site is negligible.   But let’s be realistic.

Sure, I could be one of the many currently with a blog whose entire reason for writing focuses exclusively on how many millions per month you could be earning right now if only you would SEO and monetize the website with ad generators like Google Adsense.  Sure, I could, but I don’t and have no plans to because the pennies it would bring in won’t cover my nut.

Maybe if I lived in a low cost of living area like say, Bangladesh, those six pennies or so per month would be enough to feed a family, but I live in the good ol’  U.S.A. where the only thing $0.06 will buy is…well, you know something?  I’m not really sure what six cents would buy because even penny candy is now priced at a buck.

No, I have no plans to hop on board the S.S. Assclown and annoy the crap out of half of the non-technically savvy readership that does not use ad-blockers and javascript chokers because I don’t sweat the sets of eyeballs who may or may not read my stuff.  That’s not why I write.  In fact, to be perfectly frank, I’m happy if only a few people find  my site, enjoy what they’ve read, and are sufficiently courteous to leave a comment telling me how useful my material is.  Thousands of hits would be nice, but it’s meaningless without the inclusion of a comment.  Case in point:  The Klinefelter piece that was guest blogged back in January continues to receive the most hits, and, is currently spiking around the 400 mark as of this writing, but not a single person who found that article bothered to say a word about it.

As nice of a feeling it would be to know that my site receives thousands of hits, I write for one person:  Me.  And as long as I’m amused, that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.  If anyone else happens to get a chuckle out of my writing, then that’s great.  I’m happy.  Glad I could put a smile on your face and make your day a little bit less trying.  I make a concerted effort not to take myself too seriously because I think there are already far too many assholes in the world making life miserable for everyone else.


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