Let Me Hear You Scream

I heard the new Ozzy single this afternoon on AAF.  Hard to believe the 61 y/o is still cranking out the tunes every bit as awesome as Crazy Train.   I’d embed the video, but a snippet of the track is only available playing in the background of a CSI show -which are garbage, IMO-  so you’ll have to head over there and find it yourself if you want to hear it.  Or you can find it elsewhere online, I’m sure, if you looked hard enough.  <wink nudge>

Whoever wins the Cup this year will probably be celebrating to this tune.  It’s too early to tell as the playoffs are only in the quarterfinals, but I have a feeling this is the year for my team.   Even the Ovechkins got their asses kicked tonight by the Habs, but again, we’re only 1 game in so far.   Flyers will return to Newark Friday night to continue thrashing the Devils and then it’s a weekend of NHL Playoff action on NBC.


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