Monday Motivator

According to the latest national unemployment figures, which have had a happy, shiny, smiley face affixed to it by the BLS (AKA “seasonally adjusted”) the sanitized percentage still averages out to be only one in six people have a full-time permanent job.  Everyone else who wants one is either under or unemployed.

If you’re employed and reading this, do you still think the economy is super groovy (as the cover of this week’s Newsweek proclaims) and want to go looking for another job yet?

Tell you what – Try it.  Quit your job today and then report back to me how easy it is find another comparable or better salary in the rosy economy the corporately consolidated mainstream media want you to believe is the reality.


2 Responses to Monday Motivator

  1. pansquared says:

    Here’s to finding work in this fantastic economy. Cheers.

    Also, I might refer you to a freelancing resource, FreelanceSwitch. I am not a full time freelancer by any means, but it may be worth checking out if you want to try to find some gigs as a writer, paralegal, or copywriter.

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