Facebook Instant Personalization Update

Facebook has a new privacy invading “feature” called instant personalization.   What this basically means is that it is going to share info with applications as it adds them unless you opt out. So far, there are only three.

If you aren’t bothered by your friends, or an app that you did not authorize sharing your info such as hometown, address, phone number, education and work history, etc., stop reading here.

If you are bothered, click here and follow the EFF directions how to opt out.  It’s very easy.  If you want help, just ask.

Please note that when I tried to send this message to a handful of friends via the messenger within FB, I got an error that stated “Facebook users consider this abusive.”

Take that for what you will – all I was doing was sending a public service announcement re: privacy on FB and it is considered “abusive.”   I think this is very telling as to how FB feels about one user sharing news with its other 400 million users how to opt out of unauthorized applications and persons sharing personal, confidential information.

FastCompany has a superb addendum to opting out of Facebook’s new instant personalization nonsense.


3 Responses to Facebook Instant Personalization Update

  1. pansquared says:

    That’s just great…I love how FB waits till it has us all by the balls to pull things like this, and constant user-unfriendly UI changes. Maybe it’s time to close up the FB account and rely on LinkedIn and blogging…

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • I regard FB more or less as the “casual Friday” of social networking, and, use it primarily to promote my blog. LinkedIn contains my actual education & employment history only because I can control who sees it, but I know I’m in the minority on that count. Other people on FB have shared some insanely personal details and have not bothered to lock down their profiles or pay much attention to the numerous, unfriendly UI changes you’ve mentioned.

      While I implicilty understand that social networking is -of and by itself- not a private matter, in the real world, just as you don’t spill your life story to every single acquaintance you encounter at a cocktail party and/or jam your biz card into the hands of strangers at airports like a Hare Krishna, certain confidential information should be protected from the prying eyes of social networks and their biz partners–marketers and government surveillance by three letter federal agencies.

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