Get Rid of the Phone Book Permanently

According to Ban the Phone Book, 5 million trees are cut down each year to create the white pages and it costs taxpayers $17M to to pay for the cost of recycling them.  Like the Fed and too big to fail Wall Street banks, the phone book simply needs to go.

In this day & age of cellular and Internet connectivity every where, all the time, who really, absolutely, positively needs a hard copy of such an obviously wasteful, antiquated item like the phone book?

Hint:  Not you!

You can sign the petitions here & read more here to continue the momentum to put pressure on the assclowns involved in the publication of this multimillion dollar colossal waste of taxpayer money, but if you want to tell the phone company to stop delivering the yellow pages, go here.

California residents will be glad to know that if approved, SB920 will make receiving both the white and yellow pages an opt in event, which simply means that you will not receive a directory unless you contact the telephone provider.

While these books make great doorstops, as well as fireplace and grill starters, there is very little value otherwise given the ubiquity of Internet connectivity.  Help put a stop to needlessly printing millions of phone books by simply opting out.


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