Pornography Industry v. Prostitution

What’s the difference?

Hold that thought; we’ll get to it shortly.  Allow me to preface what started this train of thought.

The California Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board (OSHSB) recently decided that the porn industry should be regulated to protect employees from bloodborne pathogens caused by exposure to bodily fluids such as blood, semen, urine, feces & other discharges that may contain sexually transmitted diseases.

Such regs would include:

ejaculation only occur outside the body;

condoms be used during vaginal and anal intercourse;

lubricants be provided for the condoms;

employers pay for hepatitis B vaccinations;

testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, be provided for anyone exposed to potentially infectious material.

So where exactly is the problem?  Porno is a biz, and, just like any other organization that conducts biz in the Golden State, we would expect that the legislature have an abiding interest in protecting both employees as well as consumers from certain hazards such as exposure to disease.

Food service employees are mandated by law that they must wash their hands after using the restroom lest they infect patrons with a nasty case of hep A, but we haven’t heard from the restaurant industry threatening to leave the state simply because employees must wash their hands, nor have we heard any bellyaching about how cost prohibitive it is to provide soap & water.

OK, let me amend that statement – I’m sure there was initial resistance because anytime it costs business a couple pennies to ensure consumer safety it’s considered too many pennies too much.  Before health codes, the only thing keeping these cheap bastards in check was litigation.  But any restaurant with even a modicum of self-preservation would not seriously complain about health codes.  Not if they wanted to remain in business, that is.  Without health codes, there would probably be a French Onion condom soup case and worse in the news 365x24x7.

Which brings me to the original question –  What, really is the difference between pornography and prostitution?  In my mind, nothing substantive.  If you’re a porn star, you fcuk on someone else’s time and get paid for it.  If you’re a whore, you’re still getting paid for fcuking, except you’re on your own time.

Wouldn’t it make better financial sense during these days of the Great Depresssion redux to drop the pretense of morality and just legalize prostitution?

Let’s face reality, Prudence –  Unemployment at both the state and national levels are at an all time double-digit high since 1929, but porn is a booming business.  According to a Forbes piece written in 2001, the porn industry was generating $14 billion dollars annually.  I can’t imagine that figure has gone anywhere else but into the stratosphere in the nine years since the article was written.  People don’t stop having sex either with themselves or paying others for it simply because they’re unemployed.  And if they did, police departments located in large metropolitan areas would be laying off the vice squad like so many other departments & services are being cut to save money.

Consumers have proven time and again that like narcotics and booze before it, they are willing to pay for a vice regardless of legality.  And whether they actually participate in the deed itself or just watch others perform, the fact is, sex sells.

Hookers can either be W2 employees , in which case they may as well be porn stars getting paid by film production companies for their sexual skill sets, and/or they could be 1099 independent contractors.  In either case, they’d be paying taxes and otherwise generating revenue.

We already have a profession in place whose employees get paid for having sex.  And watching those pros have sex is a proven billion dollar industry.  The only folks who take issue with porn are bible thumpers, family values types, and, other pretend moralists who like to tell you what you are permitted to do because their god says so.  At the same time, the most vocal of those groups tend to get caught sexually harassing Congressional pages and/or tapping their feet in a restroom in an attempt to solicit gay sex and/or paying for gay sex to enjoy a diaper fetish.

These are just a small sampling of some of the representatives deviants who were democratically elected to pass laws and otherwise tell the rest of us how to live.  I don’t know about you, but I have a big problem with their freedom for me, but not for thee mindset.

Legalizing prostitution would go a long way in saving taxpayers money because it would:

(1) End farcical arrests of street walkers prosecuted for victimless crimes, and;

(2) Generate much needed tax revenue.

(3) At the same time, it would free up law enforcement resources to actually find and arrest the real criminals committing crimes against others and property.  You know, like the white collar criminals currently employed by Goldman Sachs et al. & their Congressional whores at the Fed.

The mental gymnastics American society twists itself into justifying that pornography is a legal commodity, but prostitution is not is all just so much mental masturbation.   Since we no longer have the money to finance mentally jacking off, we may as well regulate and tax the real deal.

For Prattle On Boyo, I’m Peyton Farquhar and you’re not.  Go fsck yourself or someone else and pay some taxes!

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