Facebook Zuckerfucking

The Electronic Frontier Foundation asks on its FB page:

And my contribution:

I’ve got it – the term we’re looking for is “Zuckerfuck.”

Zuckerfuck /’zucker fuck/ vb.  The act of inadvertently revealing more information on a social network then you planned to because the site keeps changing its terms of service  & obfuscating user privacy controls.

As in:

Facebook users have been Zuckerfucked again.

See also instant personalization.


3 Responses to Facebook Zuckerfucking

  1. lena says:

    Guess can be used way too often when we talk about Facebook. Wherever they implement something new my wall is about to explode with negative comments.

  2. […] more about posting info that intellectually engaged individuals would find helpful, such as being Zuckerfucked.  But if any of those former acquaintances noticed that they were de-friended, then I was not […]

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