Happy Beltane

Beltane is an ancient Irish Gaelic festival that takes place on the first of May.  It was first celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic countries such as England & Wales.  Also known as “May Day,” by other cultures, Beltane continues to be recognized by contemporary pagans.

Wiccans will tell you that it is a deeply meaningful celebration with rituals.  Of that, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind.  But speaking as a non-Wiccan, Beltane can be described along the same lines as Cinco de Mayo –a drunken orgy of booze, sex & other assorted stimulants.  And who doesn’t enjoy that?

To those of you from my alma mater and/or hometown who are reading this entry (and you know who you are),  Beltane sounds like a Shorty’s Halloween bash rolled into a block party to me.   What say you, my slaphappy, staggering peoples?!


2 Responses to Happy Beltane

  1. Proud Wiccan says:

    I am very disgusted with this poor choice in a blog and I speak for more than myself by saying I am insulted. It is because of opinions and lack of knowledge like yours that has given the Wiccan-Pagan faith the insensitive and disgraceful opinion you just gave it.

    • LMAO – Some people take themselves entirely too seriously.

      There are no sacred cows here so that means that since this is my blog, I reserve the right to lampoon pretty much anything that strikes my fancy. Pagans & Wiccans are not immune any more than priests and the Pope are.

      Remember that if you can’t or won’t laugh at yourself, then someone else will. Laughter relieves stress, dilates arteries, and, in most instances, is guaranteed to dislodge the stick lodged up into the anal cavity of the uptight.

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