Success Victim

Ever use Twitter?  I didn’t see a use for it until fairly recently.  Check out Prattle here if you haven’t already.  Bottom line, it gives my blog that much more exposure on the web, and, exposure is good.  But within the past month, there have been all sorts of outages, delayed tweets and other assorted problems that never seem to be resolved.

Beginning last week, I’ve been attempting to create an account for another blog, and the site just sits there in two different browsers refusing to advance to the next page.  In Firefox, there aren’t any error messages per se, the page simply refuses to budge after “create account” is clicked.  In MSIE, the word “error” is visible in the taskbar.

This problem is currently not addressed anywhere in the FAQ, or the blog, and, even if you attempt to directly contact Support (and I use that term loosely since most support departments are about as useful as tits on a bull), using the on-site form you can’t even send a message because that particular page also does not work.  Essentially, it is the same issue – after you click “send,” the page just sits there.

Arent’cha glad you probably don’t use Twitter?


2 Responses to Success Victim

  1. Its damn funny for a big company sites being lame. Is this the problem for everybody or if you suspect your PC is infected with any viruses or so on and giving you headache?

    • I’m 100% certain that the issues I’ve seen have been exclusively a Twitter technical problem. They’ve grown much too large much too quickly and can’t handle the capacity, much like Facebook. The server capacity and/or bandwidth just isn’t there.

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