De-Friended on Facebook

I created a Facebook profile for both myself, as well as Prattle within the past year.  Since then, I’ve acquired a good amount of friends, most of whom are people I know offline, as well as various other entities and organizations whose activities I would like to stay informed of.

Sure, I could probably read all the latest news from these groups simply by subscribing with an RSS feeder, but what fun is that.  I wouldn’t be able to piss off someone sufficient to de-friend me.  It’s a two-fer that I’m not willing to give up.  I’m only half kidding about that.

I am amused by the drama that goes on with de-friending, particularly among small communities whose adult members still think & act like pre-teens.  The best way to get under someone’s skin seems to be to block them on Facebook, and, then talk shit about the former friend with all the other friends.  Hilarious, but didn’t we see this once before, like say, back in grade school.

Don’t people ever act their chronological age instead of their shoe size?

Nevermind.  Don’t answer that.

Yours truly has been de-friended exactly twice, both by blogger buds.   I didn’t know them offline, but I followed them just like I follow several other buddy sites for both encouragement as well as entertainment.

What was my crime?  I provided feedback to content they had written.  Note here that it was constructive feedback.  Not a critique just to be mean.  There is a difference.

OTOH, I’ve also done a fair amount of de-friending, but the decision was less about disagreeable commentary, and, everything to do with the person’s idea of friendly interaction on my wall consisted exclusively of Farmville & Mafia Wars requests.

Don’t get me wrong – I play Farmville.  I play it a lot.  But it’s not an exclusive source of entertainment.   I’m more about reading & posting info that intellectually engaged individuals would find helpful, such as being Zuckerfucked.  But if any of those former acquaintances noticed that they were de-friended, then I was not notified.

I don’t give too much of a shit one way or the other because Facebook is about as important to me as athlete’s foot or STDs when considering the larger schema of my life.  I use it primarily as a promotional device for my blog, but since my page rank is #3 according to Google, it’s not even really all that useful anymore.

If you’ve ever been a de-friender and/or the de-friendee, then share your story here.


7 Responses to De-Friended on Facebook

  1. lena says:

    Honestly, I don’t know most people on my facebook. I communicate with very few of them, most are just game partners 😀

    And I guess if someone de-friends me I might not even notice, unless that is the person I have been in touch with. I know one person who did it actually. One of the bloggers whose blog I have read occasionally. First it looked like the person has deleted the account but then I noticed her commenting on my friends’ walls. So looks like I was de-friended after all. I might want to know the reason behind this as I am usually pretty nice to people even when they don’t deserve it that much. But then again, if this person is out, I could care less.

    PS: Maybe I did not comment on her blog often enough 😀

  2. THREE says:

    Oh LOL you actually wrote about the de-friending phenomena. Good one.

    I think I’m the former (culprit) – the one who de-friends people and occassionally (depending on the mood/swing and the reason for de-friending) b*tch about them on my Wall for 5-10 minutes. :p
    Why (b*tch)? 1) Just for the fun of it (yes, I admit, sometimes I’m a 27-year-old ‘highschool’ Mean Girl(s)); 2) to see if they actually bother to check back (and whether de-friending actually severely affects them); 3) to get a message across (eg. “stop suggesting me all the Hugs/Kisses/FakeGifts”)…

    Of course if the tables were turned (i.e. if someone de-friended me) …it would depend on WHO the person was. If it was a real-life friend, I WOULD wanna know why. But obviously not to the point of b*tching and screaming pointlessly about it. Friendship is a choice everyone needs to respect.

    If it were some random adds I do not personally know (eg. gamers, bloggers/readers etc) wouldn’t bother much. Facebook DOES have a 5000-friend limit after all.

  3. Rachel says:

    I have never been de-friended, but I have been witness to two colleagues who brought their career home and into their FB world, thus, one of them de-friended the other… AND THEN…the de-friended one came back at work and confronted the other about the infraction. lol. I looked at the de-friender and said, “Really? You work in a high school, you aren’t actually a student here!”

  4. Deej says:

    I will stand up and be counted as someone who was, I like to call it unfriended, by some girl I barely remembered. I think it bugged me the most that she added insult to injury and BLOCKED me… Just who does she think she is? Blocking ME? I was attentive despite the fact that I barely remembered her! I made appropriately complimentary comments when she got a puppy & posted pics, and I thought, I only chimed in whenever I was easily able to comment intelligently or commiserated-ly on her status. I really do not know what it was that made her bail on our fake renewed friendship! Was it something I posted?

    • I wouldn’t sweat it, Deej. Clearly, the girl has problems that go way deeper than not just “unfriending” you, but blocking you on top of it for no apparent reason. Maybe she knows Lena’s friend, the bitch spelled with a “c.” 🙂

  5. Deej says:

    I kinda went for it as if I was really ultra pissed here but mostly I am not. I like it more for the funny factor!!

    and I looove calling them the bitch spelled w/ a c!!

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