It’s a Weird, Weird Web

I’ve always been too repulsed to see it, but when the story hit the web, I thought the two girls, one cup video was bizarre, but lo, turns out, it’s not. Neither is dressing up as your favorite anthropomorphic animal and/or having sex with your favorite food.

I thought I’d share with Prattle readers what I learned on Facebook today.  In yet another spectacular demonstration of freakish human behavior, evidently, there are a few new porn-like activities that are currently popular. At least according to one person who commented in the thread I read.

I did a general search and determined that speculum watching is also known as speculum pissing, which is watching a female urinate with a speculum crammed into her cooch.  And vagina printing is apparently any art involving said orifice.  Photography is but one medium as found here.

Science maintains that humans are the most “advanced” species.  Given all the fcuked up things some do, I have my doubts.  Even Einstein said the universe has limitations, but human stupidity is infinite.


2 Responses to It’s a Weird, Weird Web

  1. THREE says:

    Maybe we’re just old-fashoined. It looks like a trend. The weirder the ‘practice’, the bigger the ‘shock factor’, the more ‘unacceptable’ the behaviour – the ‘cooler’ it is.

    I admit, there are some fetishes (mild or roleplaying ones – again ‘mild’ depending on perspective) I find somewhat entertainingly acceptable, but the new ones that come up are just wrong. (Again, ‘wrong’ depends on perspective, standards, societal/geographic/demographic/cultural norms… ‘norms’ which are becoming increasingly dynamic.)

    OR maybe they’ve always existed (though I like to be in a state of denial towards this notion) – it’s just becoming more apparently prevalent because of more exposure, with the Internet ridding the world of its respect/need for privacy. Maybe.

    OR people who do not have a real life spend too much time on the Internet and develop some evolutionary ‘adaptation’ methods (/habits) to overcome their unmet basic needs/instincts.

    People could give a million reasons, but some of us will still keep asking “Ughh, WHYYYY?!”

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