Ownership of a hotpot was Tier 1 on the Awesome Scale during college dorm life.  If you had one, then you could make all sorts of cool things with your boiled water that you otherwise would have to go to the cafe to get.  And when you lived on campus, the less time you had to spend trekking to & from the cafe & eating e-coli, the better off your gastro-intestinal tract was going to feel.

I basically lived on Cap’n Crunch & Shepherd’s Pie for dinner when the cafe had it or didn’t run out of cereal.  You see, the food was so botulicious, everyone chose cold cereal over a hot meal.

On the days I didn’t venture to the cafe for my daily dose of salmonella, I could cook all sorts of food right in my room including:


Quaker Oatmeal Flavored Hot Cereal

Top Ramen Noodles



The last two items were only IF I had enough cash.  Usually I couldn’t afford  high dining cuisine like Campbell’s & Chef Boyaredee.


2 Responses to Hotpots

  1. THREE says:

    LOL… of course, that would depend on *which* college one went to. 🙂

  2. bean says:

    I have to admitt that i have NEVER heard of this before..

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