Facebook Rolls Out New Rob/Rape Me Feature

In yet another stunning example of Facebook’s utter disregard for privacy, the Places feature was rolled out today. I won’t reinvent the wheel by explaining what it is because you can read all about it for yourself here and here.

Instead, for our purposes right now, I will show you how to not use Places.

  1. First, click Account>>Privacy Settings.  At the bottom of the table click Customize Settings. Scroll down and find Places I Check In. It will already be set by default to Everyone.  Click on it and select Custom>>Edit then select Only Me.
  2. Directly beneath this item reads Include Me In People here now after I check in. This is also enabled by default.  Uncheck the box.
  3. Immediately following the above referenced section, scroll down a bit and find Friends Can Check Me Into Places. Again, this is also enabled by default.  Click the down arrow and select Disabled.

This is all very straightforward and does not involve a Ph.D. from MIT in Calc, but if you should have any further questions, don’t be too shy to shoot me an email.

BTW – thus far, Places is limited to users in the U.S. because our douchebag representatives care more about their fuckwad Big Bu$ine$$ buddies than American citizens privacy, therefore we have very few privacy laws on the books at the national level prohibiting the “opt in” by default policy.

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5 Responses to Facebook Rolls Out New Rob/Rape Me Feature

  1. Joanie Waller says:

    You’re awesome.

  2. Lisa Brandel says:

    To me this is the diet coke of rob and rape me…FOUR SQUARE on the other hand…well, that not only tells where you are it gives them a map! I have a “friend” who is OCD about checking in on four square, and she practically adds what she is wearing at the time (which also posts to her twitter and facebook) I’m glad she does it in a way, it will give investigators a starting place when they look for her body. Awesome blog Peyton!

    • Thx for the compliments, Joanie & Lisa. 🙂

      Lisa, you should really direct your OCD pal there to Please Rob Me, which is a site that raises awareness about over-sharing. Or maybe I’m taking too much for granted here…she doesn’t have the dreaded mental disability called stolidus ass meus locus that causes her to advertise her location at all times to strangers, does she?

      But you are absolutely correct – since she provides the explicit details, at least law enforcement won’t have much of a problem locating the body.

      • Lisa Brandel says:

        stolidus ass meus locus Sounds about right and a healthy dose of self aggrandizement…I mean she can be the MAYOR of CVS if she puts a little effort into it! TAKE THAT UNWAHSED PEASANTS!

  3. […] care very much for Timeline.  It should have been optional, not mandatory.  But then again, time and time again, Facebook has demonstrated that it does not give too much of a damn about user […]

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