French Onion Soup Condom

Remember this guy? The one who found the condom in his French Onion soup at Claim Jumper last year?  Evidently, the case was settled for an undisclosed amount with no admittance of liability or wrongdoing by either side.

I’m curious as to what it’s worth to the Irvine based company to keep the Hodousek family quiet about the extra ingredient.

How much would you want for that used condom you just pulled out of your mouth as you were enjoying that layer of melted cheese?


2 Responses to French Onion Soup Condom

  1. Lisa Brandel says:

    If I EVER stopped throwing up and could talk again, I’m not sure how much it would take me to be “ok” with the extra bit in my food. Or the fact that I’d have to hear, “Hey Lisa, remember the time you got the condom stuck in your…” STFU! *barf*

    IF I tested negative to all STD’s it could have contained it would only be a SLIGHTLY smaller ammount…But I’m also a person who if I find normal hair in my food can’t eat for the rest of the day…

  2. Agreed. I’m thinking it would take at least $1M to buy my silence for an incident like this one. And that’s $1M **after** the atty takes his 1/3rd of flesh off the top.

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