New Blog Header

Happy Sunday.  So what’s your opinion of the new background in the header?

For those paying attention, the following were the two previous versions:

Suggestions are welcome, however I want to stay with a water theme, including frozen.


9 Responses to New Blog Header

  1. THREE says:

    Seasons changing. Cold coming. Nice sharp photography. *Thumb up*

  2. Lisa Brandel says:

    I have to agree with Three, looking good Peyton!

  3. Rachel says:

    I prefer the beach/waves/sand idea. A place to escape, when necessary.

    • @All: Thx for your feedback. 🙂

      @Rachel: I will put your idea under serious consideration. I think I have just the image for that concept. Stay tuned.

      And yes, for anyone wondering, I’m the photog of the images I’m using.

  4. Brent Allard says:

    Very cool Peyton. Flip flop appropriate.

  5. THREE says:

    Oh you changed it again. Well, it’s not bad, but I honestly liked the Alpine-mountain pics more [probably because I haven’t seen any in real life, and seen too many beaches]…

    Again, nice photography. Not a photographer myself, but I do hang out with a lot of “DSLR freaks”, so I’m wondering what kind of gear you’re using. Canon? Nikon? Sony? Just curious.

    • @Brent: Thx!

      @Three: Thanks for dropping by – The header is season appropriate, which is why I changed it back from the snow. Look for the next season apropos header on the Autumnal equinox.

      Cameras > I’ve got a digital Canon and a Panasonic (DSLR), but I learned back in HS how to use the old non-digital DSLR on an Olympus.

      • THREE says:

        Wondering now if you did any of that Photoshop tweaks, like filters and white balance etc. No ‘offense’, but they do look somewhat tweaked. Personally I’m not against tweaking though, I think they actually help to enhance pictures, and (contrary to some people’s beliefs) are actually a part of the whole ‘photography’ art thing. Just my own opinion though.

  6. @Three: The landscape is 100% natural; I don’t believe in the “enhancements” you speak of. It makes everything look artificial/cheesy. The only thing I used Pshop for was to insert the title of the blog & my name.

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