Humiliation: Thy Name is Rachel Zupek

Those of you who have been reading Prattle for the past year are well aware of exactly what I think about those who write job search advice columns for a living.  In fact, back in February, along with hundreds of others who commented on the piece when it was published, I lambasted Careerbuilder’s Rachel Zupek for one of her idiotic bloviatings in particular.

Suffice it to say, if you check out that same column now over at the WorkBuzz, you will fast determine that Ms. Zupek has since removed her name from it and replaced it with “Careerbuilder blogger.”

I like to think that she was so friggen humiliated for writing such a fucktarded advice column that she was reeling from embarrassment to the extent where she felt compelled to redact her credentials. As well she should since 99.999 9/10% of all job search advice writers are full of shit and pull their advice directly from their ass.  The only other industry that is as equally worthless are the white collar criminals at the Federal Reserve and on Wall Street employed by  “too big to fail” bankers like Goldman Sachs et al.

Let’s hope that Ms. Zupek has decided to permanently refrain from writing worthless job seeking tips and found a more productive way to utilize her writing skills.

UPDATE (2013-07-25)

Well, it has only taken Ms. Zupek three (3) years to come back with what she (and her readers)  evidently imagine is a witty retort…better late than never, eh, Rache?

I just want to welcome all of her readers to my site and thank Rachel for giving my websites the extra traffic.  Thanks, babydoll.



5 Responses to Humiliation: Thy Name is Rachel Zupek

  1. Lisa Brandel says:

    LOL Good for you! You are 1000% correct those hardly helpful articles are painfully bull shit. In my happy place she got fired for being a fraud (thanks to you pointing it out) and because she is using her own advice has been unemploye since! Cheers!

  2. Kat says:

    Wow you have absolutely way too much time on your hands. Getting a job is all about who you know. Taking the time to figure out who is hiring might be the difference between your application being glanced at or actually reviewed. I think she had solid advice and know that it has worked.

    • Wow, you are absolutely clueless. Condescend much, Kathyrn? As evidenced by your rude comment, you have never looked for a job if you think that finding the contact is simple as placing a phone call. If you have ever answered a blind ad then you would know that there isn’t a contact name provided because the company isn’t interested in hearing from applicants, and, there is no way to determine who should be contacted when the return email address is an anonymous remailer. But then if you actually knew what the hell you were talking about you would know that. And since you were the one who went searching on the appropriate key words in order to be directed to my site, clearly, you are the one with too much time on your hands.

      • Kat says:

        No one ever said it was simple, initiative..listed as one of my outstanding qualities on my no longer needed because I have a job resume. PS Rachel calls you out on her own blog, so no searching needed.

      • LMAO. You didn’t? Go back and re-read your comments, sweet cheeks. Reading comprehension is necessary if you’re going to verbally spar with me on my own site. Also, since you and Rachel are on such cozy terms, please confine your attention to her vapid bloviations rather than visiting my site. You’re embarrassing yourself and Rachel. PS: Please be sure to thank your new BFF for giving my site the extra traffic.

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