Do You Neti?

A Neti pot is a device that looks like a genie lamp.  It is the Hatha Yoga way to irrigate the sinus cavity.  (Genie sold separately.)

If you are one of the 40 million Americans currently living with nasal allergies and you just don’t have the money (or the insurance) to continue being fucked up the ass by Big Pharma paying top dollar for your prescription, then you may want to try the Neti.

The pot is filled with warm water (usually filtered or distilled) and a mixture of saline solution. You can either mix the solution yourself or just buy a premixed kit at the drugstore.

The idea is to pour the saline into one nostril and have it exit out the other.  Lather, rinse & repeat for the opposite side.  If you practice this on a regular basis, then theoretically, it can help minimize allergic reactions. Think of it as douche for your schnoz.


-removes dirt and infectious microorganisms from the nasal cavities and passageways

-reduces the frequency and duration of colds

-reduces allergic problems such as hay fever

-improves your nose breathing generally and reduces diseases such as asthma and bronchitis

-moistens dry nasal cavities and passageways

-reduces the symptoms of chronic sinusitis

-flushes the tear ducts

-improves your sense of smell and taste

-can be beneficial for some types of ear disorders

As I have only been using the Neti for a short while, the jury is still out as to how effective it is, but I will say this much. It has helped with some sinus drama caused by the Santa Ana winds. But as to the actual sneezing/coughing, not so much.

Disclaimer:  When using the Neti, your mileage may vary. Also, it helps if you enjoy the sensation of drowning. I am not a lawyer; This is not legal advice; Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.


3 Responses to Do You Neti?

  1. THREE says:

    Egad. I’ll stick to my acupuncture and Chinese herbs for now. “NEXT!”

  2. West Spruce Street Kid says:

    I “neti” and appreciate the use of “neti” as a verb. I think it works. I was a frequent allergy pill popper (wicked bad hay fever) and have found the neti made me less likely to chew down the chemical-laden pills. Also, the drowning sensation has taken the place of my auto-erotic asphyxiation habit (jk).

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