Science & the Single Woman

Part II of Horror: Kickin' It Old Skool Style

Demon Seed (1977)

My Take

If it’s possible for artificial intelligence (A.I.) to develop a personality then Dean Koontz’s, Demon Seed is proof they can be every bit as psychotic as the carbon-based variety of nutjob.

The Premise

Proteus is an advanced A.I. system that was created to solve mankind’s problems (such as leukemia), and, in the process of reaching self-awareness, realizes that all he really wants out of life is a little Proteus, Jr. running around the house.  One problem tho – there aren’t any female, room-sized, mainframe computers available to get funky with.  What to do…what to do…

Proteus chooses Susan (Julie Christie) for his spooge receptacle girlfriend.  Susan is the estranged wife of his creator, Alex (Fritz Weaver).  Since she has no interest in having sex with Proteus, or anyone else for that matter, Proteus takes control of the house remotely via computer log-in that Alex left unsecured.  (Unconsciously left open to teach wifey a lesson, perhaps?)

What follows is an exercise in high-tech hilarity. Who knew that a self-aware A.I.  system would fixate on a biological imperative to reproduce and then physically manifest his super-smart self as a tetrahedron that resembles a copper-plated Rubix Snake?

Things I Learned from This Movie

-Super-intelligent A.I. systems have shiny, metallic schlongs & are attracted to bitchy women that hate them.

-Never allow an ex to enable a computer to work as a domestic servant in your house if you have a uterus.

The Brood (1979)

My Take

Written & directed by David Cronenberg, The Brood is a kind of Village of the Damned in reverse.  In the latter, telepathic children exert their repulsive will upon unsuspecting villagers. In the former, a repulsive woman telepathically exerts her will upon her monstrous children to do her bidding.

The Premise

Nola Carveth (Samantha Eggar) is a resident of an institution run by psychologist Dr. Raglan (Oliver Reed)  who practices unconventional medicine.  Under his tutelage, he encourages his patients to let their negative emotions take over and to otherwise allow their bodies to undergo radical physical changes as a result of those emotions.

One patient develops welts all over his body as a direct reaction to the anger he felt when he father verbally abused him.  Another develops lymphatic cancer as a form of self-hatred. In Nola’s case, she begins reproducing mutated children asexually from a sac located outside of her sore infested body.

The children have a telepathic bond with her and act upon whatever negative feelings their mother may be experiencing. In one scene, the brood pays Nola’s mother a visit and murders her.  In another, she sends a few of them to her five year old daughter’s school to bring her back to the institution with them to piss off the girl’s father (Art Hindle).

This movie was utterly forgettable but for the final, climactic scene depicted above in which Nola bites into the sac on her lap and starts licking the bloody afterbirth from the baby. If you didn’t hurl after watching that part then you just weren’t paying attention. Yours truly was irrevocably grossed out and remains so to this day.

Things I Learned from This Movie

-David Cronenberg hates women.

-Samantha Eggar is one, repugnant, fucked up bitch.

The Entity (1982)

My Take

The movie was based on the real life story of a white trash, alcoholic named Doris Bither, who may or may not have hallucinated her attacks while under the influence of booze & drugs.

The Premise

A woman named Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey) is repeatedly attacked & violently raped on a randomly occurring basis by an unseen presence.  Her shrink believes these attacks are rape fantasies and tells her so. Meanwhile, the attacks continue and all the men in Carla’s life are either abusive, absent or both.

Carla eventually meets up with three sympathetic eggheads in the Paranormal section of a bookstore and they decide to try to recreate her home to entice the ghost to do his thing.  When the ghost makes his presence known, they will then freeze the thing with liquid helium. No further plans are made as to what to do with the frozen demon thereafter, however.

Things I Learned from This Movie

-The invisible hands on Barbara Hershey’s breasts & the pumping rock guitar riff when her character was being spectrally raped were selling points of the movie.

-The unseen, attacking demon was hung like a horse.

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3 Responses to Science & the Single Woman

  1. Brent Allard says:

    Well done! SOme interesting picks here. I hadn’t seen the Dean Koontz one and I suspect picking holes in certain reproductive logic would miss the point… I’m glad you threw in some Cronenberg, I completely agree with the sickening nature of that particular moment. Wow.

  2. What Brent said, plus…I agree..Cronenberg does hate women, at the very least has some super twisted ideas about them!

  3. THREE says:

    Heard of Brood but never did (bother to) watch any of these… I honestly don’t get the whole ‘eroticism’ of mashing up ‘horror’ genres with female exploitation (at least that’s the idea I’m getting from what I’ve seen of “Hollywood” horror… maybe I’m seeing the ‘wrong’ type of Hollywood horror)

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