Looking For A New Printer? Don’t Buy A Canon

You may believe that you get what you pay for, therefore, if you pay a reasonable price for any given item, then you should receive a product that works reasonably.  Right?

Bzzzt!  You’re not just wrong, you’re high.  As a kite.  Come back down here with all us little people cuz you ain’t in KansASS no more, Dorothy.

I’m here to tell you how many different levels of suckitude a printer manufacturer can attain and still be in business. Let’s take Canon, for instance.

Canon is best known for cameras, and, as an owner of an entry level model (no DSLR here) I must admit that it has given me many hours of enjoyment. No complaints at all except that my photography skills progressed far too quickly for the camera to keep up with me. But as far as printers go? Canon should give it up.

There have been other brands in between, but within the past fifteen years, I’ve owned three Canon lemons printers. I think three is a good place to stop and smell the Chinese-manufactured shit.

Exhibit #1 (BJC-610)

The BJC-610 (circa 1996) was a bubblejet, which was apparently Japanese for we-take-ur-money-ha-ha-ha. It was supposed to deliver a kick-ass hard copy, particularly if you were printing an image from a camera, because -you know- Canon has such an amazing line of cameras ergo it would also have an amazing line of printers, as well.

You just keep telling yourself that, little buckaroo.

It may have been a very fine printer, but I wouldn’t know because it never worked for me for longer than the time it took to spit out a print job. You see, back in those days I was still somewhat of a n00b. I didn’t keep my computer or peripherals perpetually plugged in because (gasp!) I wasn’t using the computer 24×7.

If you had a BJC-610, then this particular habit caused quite a problem because in order for the printer to work, it required nonstop juice from the outlet.  Of course, this little detail was conspicuously absent from the 610’s literature. You didn’t find out that you were had until after you went round & round with Canon Tech Support.

I even had this one sent back to the manufacturer to fix the problem, and, suffice it to say, twelve weeks later, the problem was not only not resolved, but I also could not return it to where I purchased it from because the window to do that had passed (Thanks to having sent it to the manufacturer).

Duration of Ownership: 18 months
Price: $399.00

Exhibit #2  (Pixma MP530)

The MP530, circa 2007 was a multifunction printer.  Copy – Print – Scan – Fax.  It was simple to set up and worked great out of the box. The only thing it didn’t have have was networking capabilities, but I was happy with it as a standalone printer nonetheless.

Occasionally, it suffered from paper jams due to dust having accumulated on the shitty quality roller heads, but it functioned satisfactorily for the most part. And then one day the fax stopped working. OK, fine.  At least the other three features were still working? Negative. You see, when you buy an all-in-one, when one feature shits the bed, so goes all the rest. Boom! instant oversized paperweight.

Duration of Ownership: 25 months (If used lightly)
Price: $189.99

Exhibit #3 (Pixma MX700)

A clone of the MP530, the MX700 (circa 2008) boasted the same Canon alleged quality as the above referenced.

This model had a networking capability and the user also had the option to print from a memory stick.   When it actually sucked the paper correctly from the appropriate tray, it did print satisfactorily.  I only ever used it to print black text so cannot attest as to the quality of the image printout or lack thereof. Funny how if you only use black text, the printer still pulls ink from the color cartridges.  I suppose this is to underscore to the consumer exactly whose big dildo is being crammed relentlessly up our rectums without benefit of lube or even a kiss.  (Wouldn’t want the ink manufacturing division of Canon to not get in on the gang-bang).

The shitty quality roller heads never worked correctly from day one, and, were even more inferior than one would expect from a brand new printer. Of course, Canon emphasizes that it offers extended warranties…you know, so you can pay even more money for a piece of shit with a 24 month obsolescence period built right in.

Duration of Ownership: 25 months (If used lightly)
Price: $169.99


I wish I could say that the consumer would get more bang for the buck with another brand, but the sad reality is that all printers are simply an oversized, steaming pile that may work correctly for perhaps two years (Provided that it is gently used) before you have to send it to the scrap heap.  It’s called planned obsolescence because the emphasis is not on quality goods & services, but the accumulation of wealth by mega-corporations like Canon.

So the next time you’re in the market for a new printer, make sure you enter the store with your skivvies around your ankles and bend over. The printer industry has a throbbing surprise for your wallet.

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15 Responses to Looking For A New Printer? Don’t Buy A Canon

  1. THREE says:

    Yeah I haD 2 Canon printers (one 3-in-1 copier-printer-scanner, lasted even shorter). It’s cheap here, which is why it’s ‘popular’, but over time I learnt my lesson in investing good money in a good printer. Got an HP. No problems yet, but lets hope it does live up to its name.

  2. celeste krenz says:

    I HATE THIS PRINTER. PEICE OF SHIT. DON’T BUY IT. It’s like they are drug dealers. buy it cheap, not so cheap though, paid $130 and ink is $50 but that’s not all. $50 and another whole cartridge that is not included in the ‘set’. so you get home and still won’t print. then you get the whole thing set up and you get about 50 copies and then you need more. I figure it costs about $1.70 a page to print and then you buy more ink and it cost about $1 a page plus your time drivong to the ink store twice. I HATE THIS PRINTER. The other thing it does is that it takes about a minute for each job to ‘load’ the job. Then every other time it ‘rejects’ the job with an error and asks you to shut off the printer and turn it back on, cancel the job and reset the job which takes about 7 minutes. It is a joke. I hate it and you are a fool to buy it or any other pixma product.

  3. HAWK says:

    I have had 2 Canon printers and I will never buy another as long as I live, nothing but trouble all you get is fault messages every time you try to use it and god help you if you change the cartridge, you pay a fortune for the Canon brand ink and it still gives you error messages.Im with Epson now and have had no problems. CANON PRINTERS SUCK

  4. Jim Koon says:

    I had a Cannon BJC-610…expensive little sucker to keep supplied with ink and it crashed 1 year after purchase. Replaced in with an HP Deskjet 5440 that STILL works as good as the day I bought it and ink cartridges cost 30% less than the Cannon.

    I bought a new computer and decided to get a new printer. I settled on a Cannon MX310 all-in-one…worked OK until the warranty expired. What a piece of crap! Once again, expensive ink cartridges and the damn p.o.s. just doesn’t work right in spite of zillions of efforts to trouble shoot the drivers and the machine itself….will not send or answer a fax, paper jambs without logical explanation, and it absolutely will not properly feed envelopes. And once again, ink cartridges that are expensive as hell.

    I bought another computer and an HP OfficeJet 6500 E709n series all-in-one to go with it. What an awesome printer…works like a champ!


  5. brian says:

    I bought a Canon MP250 about three years ago. Spent a fortune on cartridges and then used a refill company. The printer didn’t like it. Went through all the resetting garbage etc. Still no good. I’m just about to smash it to bits in the garden and I am inviting all my neighbors to witness the ceremony in the hope that they never go near a Canon crapshit printer.

  6. Rick Domino says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I have had two top of the range Canon printers and both went from working perfectly to being completely dead, unable to turn on, in 18 months. I will never buy a Canon printer ever again.

  7. Katey says:

    How sick to death I am of my Canon D1320 constantly telling me to connect the computer when I try to scan. So long as I use this “multi-function” machine for one function, i.e., either printing, OR scanning, ORr copying, it is fine. But when I use it for printing (usb from laptop to Canon) it will print; then when I try to switch to scanning, it will tell me to connect the computer. You stupid, stupid machine – the computer is connected – you just printed from it. Garbage.

  8. john says:

    Canon MP 610, saying needs to have new printhead after minimal use. I cannot put up with this wastage anymore…..no more canon.

  9. Catherine says:

    Catherine says: In true fellowship of the Canon printer turd ring my recently acquired Canon mg 3060 (3000 series) just won’t print because it’s wireless ‘feature’ printer can’t connect it’s wireless brain to my computer. Even with an umbilical cord. Rubbish Canon!

  10. tom rose says:

    I have had four Canon printers and all have worked perfectly with no problems at all. I currently have a professional large format iPF5100 and it is both superb and excellent value for money

  11. Nigel says:

    I have a PIXMA 7250. It refuses to work at all just indicates that paper stuck in machine and there is NO PAPER stuck in it. All get in response is some Chinese web page. Ill be generous and say its done 60 A4s.

  12. Gary says:

    wasted half a day trying to get a MG 4250 working. What a complete packet of crap!!

  13. Chris says:

    My mf410 printer keeps jamming when I scan pages in the top loader and they tell me whrere I bought it its because of dirt WHAT CRAP it because its a load of crap after I got it back home it satrted doing the same thing almost imediatly Last Night it took me 4 hours to scan about 80 pages.

    I will not be buying another Canon printer EVER again I wasted almost $2000.oo on this CRAP

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