What is the Fascination with Farmville?

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To the uninitiated, Farmville is just one of many MMOGs on Facebook. With 84 million users and counting, it is consistently in the Top 5 most popular games. The player begins by choosing an avatar (either male or female) and then proceeds to plow, seed and finally harvest his crops, racking up points accordingly on his tiny plot of land.

As the game progresses, so does the size of the parcel of land, crop yields/diversity, infrastructure, and, livestock (provided that you have the coinage). Participating in one of three industries (winery, bakery & perfume) to grow crops for your own usage or for your neighbors is also an option to generate revenue. Beekeeping is nice if you want your crops pollinated.

When your neighbors purchase either bushels of produce or of finished product (such as a bottle of wine) you accumulate coins and experience points, both of which are necessary to advance to the next level. Additionally, the player can also cross-breed seeds for hybrid crops (such as whiskey peat, double-grain, & squmpkin, to name a few), rear exotic ducklings and help neighbors to raze buildings, harvest crops and feed animals on their property.

Issues & Suggestions

On the tech side, like any other massively, multi-player game, Farmville suffers from multiple glitches on a regularly occurring basis, including, but not limited to – Server synching, saving, loading and a whole lot of other aggravations that occur almost always as a direct result of new features having been implemented without appropriate QA in order to determine how it has affected something else.  Occasionally, I become really annoyed, but then I have to remind myself that I’m not paying to play the game, nor would I based on the frequency and duration of technical issues.

As to suggestions for further development of the game, I would like to see the ability to grow hemp & cannabis crops, and then harvest them to be sold as bushels and/or used in baked goods alongside the raspberry blondies and such.  But I seriously doubt Zyngna is that much of a maverick software company.  In this increasingly backwards-headed country with its dicked up politics and moronic (and I use the term loosely) leaders, it is less controversial to develop shoot ’em up games that advocate random acts of violence & vandalism than it is to promote unconventional, but completely natural crop usage even on a virtual platform.

Chill Out

I find Farmville to be an enjoyable way to downshift from the piss-offs of the exponentially fast-tracked, daily grind to third world, shit hole status in these United States of, by and for the well-connected, bailed out billionaires.

It helps me to feel a sense of productivity and accomplishment at the same time I can zone out on the computer. Hey, most folks engage in chemical or substance abuse, over-eat or administer recreational enemas to try to forget their troubles.  I just like to virtually farm to get my giggles.  If that’s my worst vice, then I’m in outstanding shape.

I harvest my crops, plow the fallow land, then re-seed. And depending on which crop was planted, I log back in anywhere between two hours and four days later to do it all over again. If I don’t, then the crops wither. Too bad, so sad.  And although I help out with harvesting on others farms, I don’t especially give a damn  as to what the neighbors may have bought or won by collecting gifts associated with various holiday inspired campaigns such as Christmas, Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day.

What my neighbors do or do not have is just not important to me because Farmville is not something you play if you are looking to compete with others. But that is not to say that everyone who plays leads an idyllic life on the farm. Sometimes neighbors are arbitrarily capricious & exceptionally immature.

Snag Bar Controversy

I’ve had a fair amount of now former neighbors that were ever worried about what property I had acquired versus their own. I’ve received demand letters stating that I had X time to remove my account from Gamers Unite because they disapproved. The implication was that I had used the now infamous snag bar to attain property. Suffice it to say, the level of pettiness exhibited by some of these folks was astonishing. I once had a three-member family in Detroit de-friend me because the thirty-something daughter believed I used a cheat to grab some dumb Italian wedding fountain that she wanted. Juvenile much?

Not that I owe it to anyone to justify my actions, but I don’t even use the snag bar. The only reason why I registered the account in the first place was so that I could comment on the forum. Gamers Unite is a great way to know when the game is, once again, experiencing technical difficulties and that the problem is not necessarily my computer or Internet connection causing it.

My usual response to these type of idiotic demands is to immediately de-friend the offending neighbor since (1) It is JUST a friggin GAME, and (2) I’ll be damned if I’m going to take orders from a virtual neighbor who shoots first and asks questions later. And while we’re on this particular topic, let me ask the anti-Gamers Unite freaks a question –Hey Genius–What is the difference between using the snag bar versus gifts sent by neighbors?

The reason I ask is because I recently let the gifts go unaccepted for exactly seven (7) calendar days and ended up having to manually accept over 300 of them in order to clear the counter. Incidentally, this is precisely the result when the snag bar is used.

Do you consider gifts from neighbors to be a form of  “cheating”?  If you do, then you are not only profoundly dense, but you are also high. Step away from the crack pipe and listen up. Using the snag bar is no more of a cheat than sending a gift to a neighbor is. But I won’t waste my keystrokes trying to persuade you to my side. You just keep sending your childish nastigrams in search of your own, private busybody utopia and otherwise whining about a virtual game that is for the most part FREE to anyone with an Internet connection.

Petty neighbors notwithstanding, playing Farmville is a very Amish-oriented activity. I have found that most of my neighbors are friendly and observe the Golden Rule, which is exactly what a community -virtual or otherwise- should be.

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2 Responses to What is the Fascination with Farmville?

  1. Great, informative post Peyton! It could only be written well by someone who has taken the time to play. While I don’t play I do understand the obsession. Glad to hear it all worked out with your digi-neighbors!

  2. […] get me wrong – I play Farmville.  I play it a lot.  But it’s not an exclusive source of entertainment.   I’m more about reading & […]

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