3 Responses to Prattle Encore|Thoughts On Social Networking

  1. THREE says:

    The whole rant over privacy again – sometimes I wonder, if someone doesn’t want their personal information, phone number, private pics publicized, why bother putting it up there in the first place. Sure, it’s a problem for those who use FB as a professional/business portal/gateway with clients who put up their personal info (though social networking site isn’t the best place for such)… “Do not publish any images you would be uncomfortable sending as a postcard.” —best advice for those complaining about pics flying around the net, unfortunately most of the FB users on my friend list don’t seem to understand this. Ironic.

    • I tend to agree with you re: the publication of contact info, but that’s letting Facebook off the hook. It isn’t just that some actually include that particular info in their profiles along with everything else that can potentially be used against them by an ID thief.

    • It’s that the info is available to everyone by default.
    • It’s that the info is SHARED with everyone by default.
    • It’s that the info is indefinitely archived on Facebook servers -whether you deactivate your account or not- and available to unknown entities for unknown reasons.
    • The bottom line is simply this: As users of a social networking site, our choices should *not* be limited to an either/or equation – either we consent to having our confidential data sold to advertisers or we can’t participate at all. Either every scrap of info in the profile is available to everyone by default or you go blind trying to figure out where the latest privacy controls have been obfuscated and/or removed and/or reset.

      It’s ironic that Facebook started out as an exclusive club catering to undergrads. I remember when you couldn’t even browse a profile unless you had an account. And you couldn’t register an account unless you were in school. Now just a short six years later, anything goes.

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