Generation Indivisible

Somewhere between the Beatles, the Summer of Love, The Big Chill, Britney Spears and Facebook lies the disregarded, disdained &, invisible Generation X. The bastard, red-headed  thirteenth generation step-children of America.

We attended high school and college throughout the 80s and watched as our long term, financial best interests were assaulted throughout the entire decade by the first wave of white collar criminals running the government. Thanks to the likes of Ronnie Raygun and his merry band of S&L Loan scammers et al., more of us believe in the existence of UFOs than either the mythical benevolence of the government or the Ponzi scheme known as social security.

Nope. Ain’t buying it. You can fool the people who have benefitted from the entitlement programs that we’ve been forced to finance and that won’t be there for us when the time comes, but you won’t fool Gen X. Not after the astonishingly self-serving shit you’ve pulled so far.

Nevertheless, we’re stuck at the bottom of the pyramid paying for wealthy seniors who then use the money as pocket change to piss away at the casino or to play the lottery.  Their mantra is that they have only social security to live on, dont’cha know?

Sure, seniors live on social security in the same manner a con man peddles his sad tale of woe to his next mark. Tell it to someone you haven’t been putting the screws to for decades. You may elicit more sympathy. But from us? Not so much.

While the Boomers were self-reveling in overblown acts of megalomania, we were latchkey children of divorce & oil embargoes, quietly growing up with television, Atari and computers. Jan Brady doesn’t have squat on us.

Largely disenfranchised & ignored throughout our lives, our accomplishments have been passed over in favor of the ever greedy, ever pretentious, attention whore Boomers & their spawn, Gen Y.  Nonetheless, we’ve kept our heads down and have done our own thing. We’re cautious, practical & thrifty, but we also take our pleasure when and where we can find it. Nothin’ But a Good Time has beoome our theme song.

We’ve been called Slackers by the same people who not only constructed nursing homes so they wouldn’t have to take care of their own parents, but who also made sure that no other generation had access to the same quality of education & government programs they did. Because, you know, everyone should be able to pull himself up by his own bootstraps. Or so sayeth the entitlements for me, but not for thee generation.

Can you smell the steaming pile of irony?

When the retirement age was increased to 70, we couldn’t do dick about it because we were still in high school.

When the ability to write off student loans under bankruptcy filing was removed (a perk the Boomers took full advantage of and then promptly abolished for everyone else) we didn’t even notice because we were being bombarded with mindless propaganda not to take drugs from the original Stepford wife, Nancy Raygun.

When money for FAFSA was defunded, somehow we found a way to stay in college. According to a 2009 U.S. Census Bureau Statistical Abstract, we hold the highest education levels of either the Boomers or Millennials. Of course we do.  We’ve had to adapt to survive because the Boomers keep moving the goal post and taking ever larger pieces of the economic pie for themselves.

And when George Bush the Elder decided to play commando in the Gulf, we fought in Desert Storm to secure the continued prosperity of his oil buddies. We’re still there, in fact, put into motion by his son, George the Dumber, and, kept there by, hope he gives us back our change, oBOMBa.

When we hit forty, nary a word was mentioned because the media was focused on the Boomers. Only in this increasingly fucked up, backwards driven country of, by and for the AARP geezers would turning sixty be considered cool, sexy and interesting.  No matter, we still kept our heads down and pressed on, secure within ourselves.

Then we created the sound of Grunge.

Then we created companies like Amazon, Google & YouTube.

We laughed along with our icons, Quentin Tarantino & Jon Stewart, and sang along with Alanis Morrissette.

We may have been defunded, underprivileged and otherwise neglected, but, hey, we’ve sucked it up and walked it off.  And now into our middle forties, we would rather be free agents instead of loyal cog corporatists part of the same sell-out machine.

We would prefer to volunteer our time instead of screwing over our fellow humans the way the Boomers have, but most of all, we don’t give a flying shit about the so called leaders of this country because the only thing they have led are campaigns to help themselves to yet another helping of prime rib & guzzle yet another case of Cristal to add to their already bloated backsides, making us subsidize their good times while tossing crumbs down at us to choke on.

And still the self-congratulatory Boomers continue to force their history down our throats as if the 20s, the Depression or any other era never even happened.  They’ve been living on fifteen minutes of fame that occurred well over forty years ago in Haight-Ashbury and Woodstock ever since. They were the generation that was supposed to stand for something, but in the end, the only thing that mattered to them was money and lots of it. Their motto has been he who has the most toys wins, but I have to say that even when I worked in a mortuary, I never saw any hearses with luggage racks.

But the joke is on them now because as their asses grow wider, as their prescription drug list expands, and as their sexual organs and libidos shrivel up, we’re going to be the ones running the show and the nursing homes sooner rather than later.

I hope the Boomers have enjoyed their good times in the spotlight because we haven’t forgotten how we’ve been treated…

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2 Responses to Generation Indivisible

  1. Gary Cipparone says:

    Nice chronology of the “me” generation. Never has so much education been bestowed on a generation that lived on the bubble from our status after WW2. I’m even part of an subsection called “wedgies”. I’m 49, and my parents are in their early 80s. Because they had children late for the boomer generation, I experienced the rigid value system and beliefs taken in from a father born in 1926. I was raised with the values of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, but as I have moved into the traditionally money making years, we’ve been in a downward spiral. I will have no access to the 30+ years I had monies taken from my taxes, or many of the other kinds of access afforded the prior generation. The “wedgies” have the Boomers value system mixed with the short years of the 80s British Invasion in music and understand the power taken and why Gen X was labeled from the beginning. Their parents didn’t understand that their children could see the hypocrisy of what the children were to strive for.

    Because of the mistakes of the generation prior, we have had a debt load put on our backs, minus jobs that will pay well enough. No wonder a generation “slacks”. No promises or deals. But I can’t only blame the Boomers. They were, oh so self indulgent. They also opened doors that only a abundance of income could afford the leisure time to truly innovate. For their time, there were some impressive ideas and movements. But what this means is that the retiring generation of Boomers and those older, will need another model for living so long and not providing the basis for workers to pay for their retirement centers. Unless they’re independently wealthy, they will be forced to face the same cold, hard facts. All who are being shut out by outsourcing and no jobs creation yet on the horizon will continue to grow. The system will have to reallocate their monies… and not only in this country.
    Thanks for the opportunity to offer my views. Thanks for a great commentary.

    • Thx for your well thought out comment, Gary. I vaguely remember the term “wedgie” from a Sociology class. The wedgies get even less media attention than Gen X. I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

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