Opinion|Your Business, Someone Else’s Nose

Some will tell you that sticking your nose into others business is not only appropriate, but even a “duty” under certain circumstances, such as in cases of domestic or child abuse.  I would tend to agree with that sentiment with amendments, but injecting your opinions into someone else’s life because you feel entitled to do so is another story.

Now, to be clear here, the entitled folks don’t actually see it this way. I only used the word to be diplomatic, but hey, this is my blog and I usually call it the way I see it. And since I know you didn’t visit this space looking for a bland, generic, opinion, I’m going to tell you exactly what I think about nosy parkers.

This brand of personality honestly believe that their interference is not only the right thing to do, but is also helpful, as in some kind of service. I further believe that the prevalence of social networking websites enable this kind of attitude in a big way, particularly from the older generation. After all,  since the self-appointed wise one has been around the block a few thousand times, what harm is there in imparting some knowledge amongst the little (less entitled) people. The problem with this mentality is that most people not only resent unsolicited advice, but quite often turn around and do the exact opposite just to prove how wrong the blowhard advice giver is.

Now I know what you’re going to say-

…but PF, why wouldn’t golden nuggets of wisdumb be valuable?  How could anyone not want to be told that his decision making ability is for shit?  Doesn’t everyone dream of having his own personal life coach that not only works for free, but also has a scathing opinion regarding every single aspect of his existence?

Or so goes the prevailing theories of the questionably benevolent buttinsky. (“QB2”) for future reference.

Psychiatry tells us that the nosy are just narcissistic, but this seems like a justification more than anything else. As if these folks with the big noses are suffering from a terrible affliction over which they have no control. But random acts of intrusive assholery are quite preventable, I assure you.

The next time you find yourself the unwilling recipient of someone else’s hot air monologue, or, conversely, if you ever feel the need to pass along spontaneous recommendations of a personal nature to a friend,  just follow this simple, mneumonic, 5-step formula that is practically guaranteed to work.

NUNYA Explained






If you need to be a little less subtle about your intentions to your busybody pal, then you can always send him or her this link.

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2 Responses to Opinion|Your Business, Someone Else’s Nose

  1. Hilde says:

    Too inviting, to resists >:): Dear PF, please not forget to wash your hands before eating and afterwards, please clean your teeth and wash your feet. Don’t forget something to blow your nose into, but don’t use the curtain of your love, she might not appreciate it. Practice safer sex and do your prayers (like: dear mighty Hilde, who you are from a far away country, please do give me your advice daily… I bow in front of you, I fall on my knees…) Ok, now I have to back and go for a second identity to find a save place. LMAO (I just had to learn few month ago, that this has nothing to do, with the German LMAA, but I guess that will be the answer now). Grinning greetings.

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