Prattle Encore | Fun Factoid Friday

[The following is an encore piece that was originally published 21 May 2010]

Pennsylvania is one of those states that when you hear about it, the average person has a vague, hazy idea as to where it is.   On the east coast, is the usual reply, and, when those people hear that the Commonwealth is home turf to bands such as Joan Jett, Live, Breaking Benjamin, Tommy Conwell, The Hooters, and Hall & Oates, and, for colleges such as UPenn & Penn State, as well as pro sports teams like the Flyers & Penguins, some will say that they didn’t know that both Philly & Pittsburgh were even located in PA.  The disconnect is astonishing, but common.

Generally speaking, Pennsylvania is a widely disparate state whose population is split between urbanites residing in Philly or Pitt., and, rural  populations residing everywhere else.   The number of elderly is second only to Floriduh.

Now before anyone not in Philly or Pitt. gets bent outta shape, for the record, I’m not saying that everyone is an ignorant country bumpkin/rube, but those folks seem to be the exception rather than the rule.  Hey, there are ignoramuses all over the world, it just seems to me that most of them happen to live in rural areas.

Case in point:  Ever hear anyone use the word Pennsyltucky before?

Hint:  It’s not meant as a compliment.

Be that as it may, the Commonwealth has been home to several decades old, family owned companies with a popular product presence on the national scene.

Zippo Lighters – Bradford, PA

Utz – Hanover, PA (restricted to East coast Distribution)

Snyder’s of Hanover – Hanover, PA

Heinz Ketchup – Pittsburgh, PA

Hershey Chocolate – Hershey, PA

Yuengling – Pottsville, PA (Restricted to East coast distribution)

Rolling Rock Beer – Formerly located in Latrobe, PA from 1939 – 2006.

Mrs. T’s Pierogies – Shenandoah, PA

TastyKake – Philly, PA

Steak-Umm – Reading, PA

Cheesesteak – Philly, PA


6 Responses to Prattle Encore | Fun Factoid Friday

  1. THREE says:

    LOL only familiar with Heinz Ketchup and Hershey’s in this part of the world (halfway across the globe).

    Yes, commercializing identity. And the stereotyping that comes with the package. I’ve only been in TN and FL, never seen the other parts of the country, except for what they show on TV – and we all know better than to trust the idiot box when it comes to cultural enlightenment.

    Stereotyping goes heavily with those 2 very much contrasting places (TN vs FL) – heart of American culture vs. ‘colorful’ haven/sanctuary.

  2. Eric Scheie says:

    The cheese steak has my mouth watering. But where’s my Yuengling to go with it? (That beer is one of the things I most miss about PA.)

    • Eh, Yuengling doesn’t have much recognition outside of Schuylkill County. I’m surprised the rest of the state has even heard of it. It’s only the oldest brewery in the country.

  3. Deej says:

    Moving to Pennsyltucky was my re-ward for growing up in New Joisey! Why just last night I was sitting on my Amish built deck watching a buggy go clippity clopppin by!

  4. Deej says:

    Oh and you forgot Herr’s Potato chips which is right around the corner from us here in Chester County! Come on down for a free tour of this still family run company, free hot off the press hot potato chips..mmmm!

    • Ah yes, how could I ever forget…Make Herr’s *yours* used to be the catch phrase in the commercial. I haven’t seen a shiny sky blue bag in quite some time, but then Herr’s distribution doesn’t reach this far.

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