Internet Tough Guy

As a rule, I don’t usually detail events of a personal nature in this space, after all, my personal life has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, however, I feel compelled to bring readers’ attention to the assclown who recently leveled a baseless accusation of copyright infringement at Prattle on his abstruse, little blog.  Incidentally, this was the only communication the anonymous bag of douche  expressed upon reading (and evidently disliking) my Ecclesiastes short story review.

Take note here, kids…if you read something on the Internet that you don’t like, then just pull a comment out of your ass and publish it to your own blog accusing the other person of copyright infringement.  Fundamental knowledge of same not necessary!

I won’t include a link to the digital sludge in question because I don’t believe in enabling assholery, but you can find it on your own.  Just search for marooned sci fi on mars.  And I’m not going to detail a blow-by-blow account as to why our witless troll is about as brain dead as one can get and still have some EEG activity going on.  One look at his content, and, I would think the reason would be painfully obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells. But I will, however, say this much.   The fuckwit in question is quite feeble-minded, if not brewing a full-on senile dementia.

If infringement did, in fact, occur, then Prattle would have been notified long ago by the legal department representing the copyright holder.  Additionally, there is an entire page on this site conspicuously marked with the telltale © symbol that is devoted to issues of copyright.  Enforcement would not be left to an anonymous idiot who publishes blind, uninformed bluster about imaginary copyright infringement activity occurring elsewhere for other uninformed, anonymous, bobbleheads to comment upon.  But of course, I wouldn’t expect the moron to actually know what the hell he is bloviating about because blogs are like assholes.  Everyone has one. And, as demonstrated by our intrepid, amateur copyright enforcer, intelligence is clearly optional.

Additionally, I find it necessary to point out that the dickless wonder in question doesn’t even bother to man up as the author of any of the digital sewage he publishes.

Lily-livered, much?

So let me just write an open letter to the speshul blogger –

Dear Internet Tough Guy in Boston: 

Thanks for the many chuckles you’ve given to me today.  Color me impressed that you are even aware of polysyllabic words such as copyright infringement. Atta-boy for correctly spelling them, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to take back the gold star because you have no clue as to what the two words put together even mean. That’s OK, little buckaroo, not everyone can be a writer. The world needs ditch diggers too.

Also, thanks for all the free traffic to my site.  Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, are you? But then by your own admission, and, as you’ve proudly indicated in your profile, you report to your old lady, so it is obvious that in addition to being brainless, you are also dickless. Ouch.  Were you born that way or did you have an unfortunate accident with the Hoover?

I feel sorry for your “old lady,” actually.  She probably has a lesbian friend that makes her moister in her lady parts than you ever have.  Also, you should probably tell her at some point that you’re a homosexual. It’s OK to be out of the closet in Boston, you know?

See you around the tubes, anonymous coward.

PS:  Go take a copyright infringement 101 class.

As a special bonus to the cowering pussy in question, congratulations are in order.  With the publication of his article, he has just distinguished himself with high honors in Prattle’s Asshole of the Month club with uncommon prominence for extraordinary dumbassery.

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4 Responses to Internet Tough Guy

  1. Jim Triche says:

    I saw the blog in question, and it appears he does exactly the same thing you did in every one of his story reviews. How silly of him. Also you referenced my blog inadvertently,

    blogs are like assholes.

    So I charge you with infringement. I have proof because my blog is actually NAMED and now you owe me a gajillion dollars.

    • LMAO – How many zeroes are in a gajillion, Jim?

      Incidentally, if our vigilant, little copyright enforcer was even the tiniest bit informed as to infringement, then he would have heard of something called fair use, but, then again, what else can you expect from an anonymous coward who is also clearly an idiot.

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