Yiddish Word of the Week

Have you ever noticed that the Yiddish language is full of words that you couldn’t normally get away with in polite society?  For example, you wouldn’t walk around the office speaking in an amplified voice using the word, “fucked” to describe persons or events.  That’s right, Prattle readers, there is an even better word than fuck!

You could get away with the Yiddish equivalent because even if some delicate blossom waggled a finger or raised an eyebrow at you, the fact is, the American workplace has become so terminally politically correct that no one who wanted to keep his job would dare to question usage of a word that did not sound like it was English.  (Wouldn’t wanna offend the foreigners overrunning the country, dont’cha know? )

So the next time you find that you would like to express your opinion in a non-politically correct manner, just use a Yiddish word such as “Fakakt,” \Fa’ cocked’\  which essentially means (in the vernacular, that is) fucked up.  As in, the American economy has been mismanaged and has become so systemically corrupt for the past 50 years that is it 100% irrevocably fakakt.

Learn it. Know it. Use it. Love it. Until next week, goys & gals, practice your Yiddish for a more fun-filled week!


One Response to Yiddish Word of the Week

  1. Joanie says:

    Love it, It”s like Butter:)

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