Cookin’ With Peyton | Shepherd’s Pie

Ever have a hanker for a hunka carbly goodliness?  Hey, me too!  Shepherd’s Pie fits that billing in spades.  But, to be fair, it’s not just all carbs, like say, poutine.  Poutine is a Québécois first cousin to Shepherd’s Pie, and, as hearty or rather, I should have said, as heart-stopping as poutine is, we’re going to focus on the American version.

I initially encountered the fluffy-looking entree during my college days.  At first glance, it looks like a mashed potato creation, and, it is, except that hidden beneath the surface is a cache of ground beef and carrots.  Sounds on the blah side, sure, especially if you’re getting it from a school cafeteria, but for relatively cheap eatins that can be cooked at home, you can’t go wrong. 

Yours truly cooked the pie for din-din the other night and discovered a mahhvelousss new ingredient that goes so well with the entree that it caused me to pronounce myself a most amazing cook.  Word. I pulled the dish from the oven, set it on the stove, took a forkful of molten hot lava pie into my mouth, and subsequently proclaimed in a loud, officious voice that I am the one and only Shepherd’s Pie Master of the Universe.

The cat applauded.

No really.  She did.

The secret ingredient to Farquhar’s Fabulous Fluff (“3F”) is whole berry cranberry sauce.  Just dump the whole can of the name brand into the browned ground beef and carrots, mix, layer in a cassarole dish, then top it off with the mashed pototoes and a coupla shakes of paprika.  Not because you can actually taste the spice, but because it just seems like there should be some kind of warning sign in the event that you are overcome by wanting to jump in and slosh around in it.  I would imagine the paprika wouldn’t feel nearly as nice in your tingly parts as the soft, creamy spuds.

Oh dear. I said that out loud, didn’t I. 

Il n’est d’aucune question. S’il vous plaît ne pas tenir compte.

Bake for 20 minutes at 325 °F or so and voila! She is done. Prepare to have your taste buds assaulted by the cranberry special ops unit!

Caution: Just because I used the word “fluffy” to describe the entree doesn’t actually mean it’s light.  You wouldn’t wanna get slapped upside the head with a slice like the Hanson brothers did to the organ player, (video clip of the greatest hockey movie EVAH) especially if it has been refrigerated.

If you enjoyed this article, then check out my baked ziti piece.

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2 Responses to Cookin’ With Peyton | Shepherd’s Pie

  1. misrache says:

    Why didn’t you put those mushrooms IN the pie too? Onions need to be included as well.

    • Prattle On, Boyo says:

      Eh, I’ll include the ‘shrooms next time, but as for the onions, I only eat them one way -carmelized/grilled- but I dunno whether it’s going to be any good in the entree considering the cranberries.

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