Help With Recalling A Book Title


I need your help. Maybe someone will remember a book title I’m looking for. I read it a couple years ago and can’t recall the name, but following are a few details.

The book in question is in the young adult fiction genre. It’s about four children living in England aged 13/14.  Two boys who are brothers who live with their aunt; a wealthy girl who was their next door neighbor in France, and, another girl. Or maybe they lived in England and moved to France for the summer, I can’t recall, but it doesn’t make much of a difference since these are the only two countries involved. How many books can possibly have the same fact pattern?

The four are friends and decide to run away together to the woods to form their own tribe/civilization. The story is a kind of Blue Lagoon meets Lord of the Flies theme but shrunk down to four protagonists. The brothers are polar opposites of each other. The older one is star athlete/scholar while the younger one is effeminate/creative and not very athletic. The girls are the antithesis of each other as well.   They form their own society based on a philosopher’s writings. I think it was Rousseau.

The book involves some sex and violence, and, being Y/A, was fairly controversial. I think it was published somewhere in the 2000s. The cover of the book had a tree on it.

If you remember the title of this book, please contact me here or just reply in the comment section to this post.  Thx in advance.

Addendum 1

Upon having emailed my question to the illustrious American Library Association, interestingly enough, they were unwillling to help.  I was told that the ALA is a “small organization meant for members.”   It’s always nice to know that an organization like the ALA feels compelled to be a resource of public information but only to dues paying members.

Thanks for being so helpful, ALA.  I will be sure to write a glowing accolade for the org along the same lines as I did for the advice of the former online jobs counselor. Oh and by the by, Prattle On, Boyo has a #2 page ranking on Google and the article just referenced had, and, continues to receive, thousands of hits.

Addendum 2

I was able to obtain the title of the book in question on my own.  A review of the book will be forthcoming.  Stay tuned by liking POB’s social networking page.

Addendum 3

I was eventually able to locate the title on my own.  Please click here to read it.


2 Responses to Help With Recalling A Book Title

  1. Sandra says:

    I am sorry you were disappointed in the ALA’s response, but they are right. Would you call the American Medical Association for answers about your health condition? ALA is a membership organization for libraries and library staff. They don’t do research on book questions, BUT their members do, so why not try your public library, where trained searchers wait to assist you?

    • Prattle On, Boyo says:

      Comparing the ALA to the AMA is quite the specious argument you’re spouting there, Sandra. Published books are ubiquitous versus an individual’s health condition that is exclusively a private matter. Ever hear of HIPAA?

      Evidently not.

      Further, if you bothered to read anything I’ve written on this matter, then you would have known that I already asked for help at the local library. I strongly recommend that you become a better informed consumer and strengthen your reading comprehension skills before sounding off about anything else online.

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