2012 Presidential Debate | Won’t Get Fooled Again

Tune in for the REAL presidential debates about topics that matter to hardworking Americans.

 Every four years, after a barrage of marketing ad nauseum, the presidential election debates are televised, and, to anyone who has been paying attention to the circus sideshow known as the American electoral process, the debates amount to little more than a case of dumb vs. dumberer. Two billionaires pretending to represent We, the People, grinning, nodding and congratulating each other like long-lost lovers reunited. They coo for the cameras programmed responses that are shiny, happy, and completely devoid of all critical thought.  That the candidates were  each sent in advance the topics they were to discuss on the televised “debate” is a joke unto itself. What kind of debate can it possibly be if each party already knows what will be asked?  The verbal diarrhea that voters have heard so far should have been sponsored by kaopectate. Now that would have been truth in advertising.

Where was the discussion about the 46.2 million Americans currently living in poverty? Where was mere mention of that fact that, in the wealthiest country on the planet, one in seven Americans go to bed hungry each night? Where was the dialogue regarding too big to jail banks?  Wall Street continues to screw the country with the tacit approval of both major political parties, every level of government regulatory department and law enforcement agency up to and including the Department of Justice.  Now that’s what I call a Fuck You, Pay Me trifecta.  Tony Soprano has nothing over the feds.

Not a peep was uttered about the on-going pillaging/looting of Main Street from either Wall Street bobblehead red or Wall Street bobblehead blue.  Instead, our illustrious, heavily gelled & glittering, coiffed candidates chose to debate Big Bird, a fictional children’s character that is apparently, an enormous drain on the federal budget. All .012% of it.  To put that figure into perspective for you, the cost of PBS programming for an entire year costs what the Pentagon burns in federal dollars in only six hours.  Clearly, Presidential candidates Obomney and Robama prefer to be harder on Sesame Street than they are on Wall Street.

With a record high percentage of U.S. Voters self-identifying as independent, one could ask why the debates don’t include candidates from outside the two-party duopoly.  The answer is simple.  The outfit that runs the presidential debates, the privately held corporation known as the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is owned and operated by minions from each of the two major political parties.  Along with the corporately consolidated, mainstream press, they have absolutely no intention of allowing any third party candidates to participate who will, no doubt, upset the highly-scripted, reach-around orgy that Demumblicans and Republicrats have been enjoying for decades.  The CPD doesn’t want voters to be informed about real-world problems or the long-term best interests of the 99%.  All that matters to the two-party system is the appearance of choice.  They further want voters to believe that voting for a third party is a “wasted” vote.  Don’t buy into the lies, folks.  Consider ALL of the options before settling for the duopoly’s favorite flavor of rainbows & unicorns.

Now in all fairness, to those voters who are swayed by appearances, the CPD does make a lot of noise about being nonpartisan, but only those with less than a room temperature IQ would accept smoke & mirrors as proof of objectivity.  Considering that the CPD is headed by a former head of the Republican National Committee and former White House Press Secretary, you’d have to have to your head buried so far up your own ass that you would accept that a Nobel Peace Prize could go to a guy who has been more bellicose than George Bush the Dumber.  Oh wait.  We have swallowed that load already when President Obama received his award.  Would you look at that?  It is possible to fool 100% of the people 100% of the time, after all.

If you are a voter who is traumatized and exhausted by the lies, distortions and obfuscations of  our political process, then you should check out the real presidential debates set for 23 October, 2012, at 8p.m. Central Standard Time appearing on FreeandEqual.org

You owe it to yourself and to your family to have an informed opinion come election day.  If you don’t, and you settle, once again, for voting for the “lesser” of two evils, then you will be perpetuating the false dichotomy of choice.  You will be part of the problem giving the nod to two candidates from opposite sides of the same coin that will further erode civil rights, galvanize additional layers of platinum in favor of the already obscenely rich, and otherwise continue to perpetuate the fraud that has become the United States, of, by, for and about the 1%. 

Take back your country, fellow Americans.  End the charade of choice by checking out third party options instead of settling for the candidate who only beats you six days per week instead of seven.

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One Response to 2012 Presidential Debate | Won’t Get Fooled Again

  1. joanie says:

    Love it. I love this blog! Thanks so much.

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