F–k Off, Facebook

October 22, 2018


Greetings Prattle Followers:

Please be advised that effective immediately, the social media pages for Prattle On Boyo on Facebook have been deactivated due to the current anti-free expression stance of social media giants such as Facebook have recently undertaken to quash any and all expression that does not puke up MSM/Leftist talking points.

In its blind, fanatical zeal to aid its globalist overlords in destroying the United States, many of the brand name tech companies, such as Facebook, have rigged its platform algorithms to feature content only from those sources who regurgitate the rigid, authoritarian orthodoxy of the Left.  I cannot, in good faith, or as an American citizen, continue to patronize such a platform, particularly since its claims of free expression have become vividly clear to apply only to Left leaning viewpoints, meanwhile it labels by default any opinions to the contrary as racist or whatever the MSM outrage of the day happens to be.

You can still follow PoB on Twitter and Gab.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter and thanks for following my pages.


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