May 18, 2011

What Is It

Joomla! is a cloud-based, content management platform that is used to publish to the world wide web. It is free open source software (FOSS), which simply means that developers can tweak the code to suit their needs without fear of litigation for doing so. (cough Microsoft cough.)  FOSS is popular with self-starters and other technically inclined people who tend to use other open source products such as Linux and Open Office.  (Yours truly uses all of the above.)

According to the New York state non-profit group, Open Source Matters, Inc., the word, “Joomla” is a Swahili word meaning “all together,” or “as a whole.”  It embodies the idea of open source software in that it involves the community, rather than the corporation.

This alone probably explains why FOSS usage is limited to ‘nux geeks & nerds, as opposed to being used in mainstream America.  A sense of united community is diametrically opposed to the financial interests of the plantation owners and their Presidential & Congressional lapdogs currently raping & pillaging the national economy in favor of the uber-wealthy 2% of the population.

How Easy Is It to Use

Since Joomla! is cloud-based computing, there isn’t anything to install to your hard drive. You simply create an account (it’s free), set up the software accordingly, and away you go.  But Joomla! isn’t for everyone.  Depending on your level of technical proficiency, there can be a steep learning curve.

The company recognizes this and has a readily available, veritable plethora of video tutorials, comprehensive documentation, and support from an ever-attentive community of international users, as well as its own techs.  In fact, during the first 24 hours upon having created an account, I contacted tech support twice, and, in each instance, I had a substantive reply to the issue within an 8 hour window. Note here the reply wasn’t just the standard boilerplate, useless, happy horseshit embraced by other companies that take your money and leave you hanging.

You can test drive Joomla! for a 30 day trial period, no strings attached.  At the end of the 30 days, assuming you liked it, you can purchase hosting from Joomla! itself, or bring your own commercial host to the table. As a side note here, Joomla! hosting prices are fairly competitive starting at $4.95/month. Each tier has disk and bandwidth limitations, which, I haven’t seen so much among American owned hosting services, but that is not to say the latter is more cost effective. You may not be limited to bandwidth, but you will, however, get nickel & dimed to death elsewhere for basic services.

Is It For Me

Deciding to choose Joomla! over any other content management system is identical as to whether you use a free blog or  a commercial web hosting service.  First & foremost, it is up to you to assess:

  1. Discretionary cash;
  2. Your level of tech savvy (or lack thereof);
  3. How much time & effort you want to put into the endeavor.

If all you want is a pretty themed site to pimp your pet-sitting business, for example, and you don’t want to spend your free time learning the technological aspects of being a webmaster, then like commercial hosting, Joomla! is definitely not for you.  Of course, this article is but a guide to help bloggers determine fundamental content management needs.  One size does not fit all, and, mileage may, and, usually does, vary.

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