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May 23, 2011

So there you are with your very own spot in the ethernet.  When you began, your blog wasn’t much, just a simple electronic presence on the web with which to amuse yourself.

Eventually, you picked up a few followers, here & there, partially as a result of  the half-assed marketing you did on social networking sites & such, and the rest from sheer serendipity. Before long, the trickle of casual fans transformed into a torrent.

Now your blog is receiving more daily hits than malicious state governments give to the downtrodden & unemployed in these United States of, by and for the white collar corporate criminals.  You want to cash in on this new-found, digital popularity before all those eyeballs blink, but you’re not sure what the best way to do that is.  Hey, welcome to the club!

Types of Revenue Generation

There are two ways of generating income –active & passively.  The former allows for an electronic tip jar of sorts such as PayPay & Google Checkout, while the latter includes the implementation of adserving applications such as Adsense.  Theoretically, you can use both, but your choice will be determined largely by whether your site is commercially hosted or a freebie, as well as your level of technical savvy.  For our purposes here, let’s assume that your site allows for the usage of Adsense & other javascript based applications.

PayPal (Active)

PayPal is one way for your most avid fans to pay you electronically.  It works exactly like the shopping cart mechanism does on all the big retailer sites.  The only difference is that the buyer (the donator) must have created his own PayPal account. Thereafter, he simply clicks on your donate button, logs into PayPal, and, selects the numerical amount to be deducted from his card. It is a fast, easy and free way for the fan to demonstrate his appreciation for your writing skills without having to reveal his financial information.  On the other hand, PayPal will remove a nominal fee from your bank account for the privilege of using the service.

Google Checkout (Active)

Google Checkout works similar to PayPal in that it allows for an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to take place.  However, when Google removes payment from the buyer’s card, it’s going to be in the form of a bank ACH Transfer. You should know that if you bank with one of the bailed out, too big to fail thieves, such as Wells Fargo, then you will most likely get hit with fees for the privilege, in which case, you are responsible for paying them.

Adserving Apps (Passive)

There are many adserving apps available for the enterprising webmaster, however, I’m only going to mention Google Adsense.  Once you enroll, you can enable text, video & image ads on your site.  Revenue is generated on a per click, or per impression basis.  Since a more in-depth wiki has already been written on the subject matter, you can click here to read more.  The only caveat with regard to Adsense is that you must have a javascript enabled blog in order for this feature to work.  The free version of WordPress does not have it, but Blogspot, however, does.

In either case, whichever (or both) active or passive trickle down economy bin(s) you end up using, successful execution is going to involve a fair amount of due diligencing on your part to help determine which method better suits your financial disposition.

Good luck & happy blogging!

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