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This blog offers a wide diversity of topics, and, in keeping with that theme, it welcomes guest posts.  All that I ask in return is that you reciprocate; This way, we both benefit.

If you don’t have a blog, but would like to contribute anyway, don’t be bashful about dropping a line.  Guest posting is an outstanding way to get your feet wet with blogging.  Merely submit in 500 words or less an essay as to why you think your unproven ass is worthy of publication on Prattle. Bonus points for both creativity, and, for having known me offline for ten years or better.

I’m only half kidding!

Having said that,  if you’d like a place in the  guest post spotlight with the others, please contact me via the form on this site with the details.  No worries as to gender and/or religion and/or ethinicity as Prattle is an equal opportunity critic.


  1. Original content and never published before
  2. 400 – 1000 words, although Prattle will consider longer posts
  3. Must be a final draft and previously proofread
  4. Must not be overly self-promotional
  5. Charitable causes & small biz welcome
  6. Absolutely no porno and/or gambling topics unless it’s part of a movie review, e.g. Casino, 9 1/2 Weeks, etc.
  7. Best bet is to submit the name of the topic and a short blurb about your article  before you write it.
  8. Once informed as to date of publication, guest may publicize content in the form of an announcement and a link to this website.
  9. Guest agrees that s/he will not publish content elsewhere for a period of approximately 30 calendar days.  Content will be immediately removed if guest is in violation.  This condition will be rigidly enforced, absolutely no exceptions.
  10. Guest agrees to absolve the owner of Prattle On, Boyo from any responsibility for the protection of guest intellectual property and/or protection from intellectual property disputes from third parties alleging infringement.  If you borrow someone else’s words, images, or marks without permission, then yer on yer own.

By accessing the page of the above referenced and/or submitting material to Prattle On, Boyo, guest agrees that s/he has been duly informed of and agrees to the publishing guidelines of Prattle On, Boyo.

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